WordBlogX Released?

So I've spent soooooo long getting this stupid thing
released that you're probably expecting bells and whistles out the wazoo. Well,
I hate to disappoint you but really this is as bare-bones as it gets, including
an amazingly stupid BAT file "setup" that is more likely to fail than
not... one of the reasons I delayed getting this stuff out was that I wanted to
have a smooth install step, but that's not really going to happen now. I also
wanted to add some features and clean stuff up, but I just don't seem to have
the time / motivation any more...

Anyway, I should be posting the code with some rudimentary
docs after this post. I'll add the URL here when I'm done (it can take a day or
two for GotDotNet to process uploads)

this update work?!?)

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