WordBlogX v0.1 is done!

So after a little bit more work, I have my Word interface to
http://blogs.gotdotnet.com working. I
gave up on trying to post to the page and instead just peeked inside the
original code to find the web service I need to call to submit the entry to the
web. Not sure how secure this is, since it appears to send credentials over the
wire in the clear, but this isn't exactly my bank account login.

I'm still using my cut-n-paste hack at the moment, although
as the Word team (and Paul Willies) pointed out, I can just get the WordML and
do a transform with the Word
to HTL transform
. It might be nice to clean up the user interface as well,
but it's OK for my own personal use right now. One other thing I could do now
is convert this into a SmartDocument... that could be fun and/or an interesting
adventure. I'll send this along to Chris and see what he thinks.

As for my experience using VSTO to build this little app...
it went surprisingly well :-). My two main issues were not knowing how to
transform Word to HTML, and being too lazy to find the web service. But in actual
fact it should be quite easy to do the transform (even the hack wasn't too bad),
and I purposefully tried to hack against the web page for a bit of fun.

Another problem was building the XSD that I use in this
document; for some reason it just seemed like creating even a simple XSD in VS was
quite hard. I had to keep going to source view and hacking around until I got
something that looked good, but maybe I just don't know how to use the tool
correctly <shrug>

Oh and the fact that the Shift and Spacebar keys on my Tablet
are a bit dodgy -- kind of makes it hard to write code! 🙁

Now I realise that I haven't actually used any Word features
writing this post, but I feel good about it anyway <g>

Comments (4)

  1. Peter Torr says:

    Of course that should be Word to HTML conversion… Word can’t fix all typos for me ;-). Also I should mention that using the XML features in Word ROCKS — once I had mapped the schema (pretty darn easy), I could just get at the text in the document without worrying about Ranges or Paragraphs or anything else; just a simple hierarchy of XML nodes.

  2. Oren Novotny says:

    Would you be able to post the code for your Word client? It’d be neat to use it as an entry mechanism for other blogging tools (livejournal, custom others, etc).


  3. Peter Torr says:

    I’ll clean it up a bit and see if I can get it posted here at gotdotnet

  4. Oren Novotny says:


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