Dr. Who

So if anyone else out there has the bright idea of doing a 12-hour marathon session of "Dr. Who", my advice to you is "Don't!"

Now don't get me wrong -- Dr. Who is a great show and I love watching it, but 12 hours of pretty much anything is too much. A few friends and I sat down to watch the entire Key to Time series yesterday, and whilst we were doing pretty well through the first 4 DVDs, by the time we hit the 5th and 6th DVDs we were all fighting off snores (some more successfully than others :-). It doesn't help that the last story in the series -- The Armageddon Factor -- is a gruleing 6-part story that just seems to go on and on forever.

Originally the Key to Time was broadcast across an entire season of Dr. Who -- 26 weeks -- and perhaps that should have been a hint to us that you aren't supposed to watch that much TV in one go.

I'm still waiting for a Dr. Who / Blake's 7 collaboration....

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  1. hir says:

    Quite surprised to see you talk about Dr.Who… I loved the show myself.

    Oh by the way, I love JScript(esp. server side) too. Your posts on the newsgroups were big help to me those days.

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