Series on secure programming

Over at IBM, there’s a series on secure programming. It’s mainly focused on Linux, but you can apply most things to Windows as well. Thanks to Slashdot for that one. I just discovered (yeah, I’m slow) they also have an RSS feed. Yahoo!

We really need to work on our web site

Have a look at the home page for Mac OS X. Now have a look at the home page for Windows XP Home. Which would you rather buy? The Mac home page has beautiful graphics, some product descriptions (in fairly colloquial English — “scads of applications,” for example), and clear links to some of its…


What is “innovation”?

Another quickie. Raymond has a comment that illustrates a common theme in the IT industry: it’s one rule for Microsoft, one rule for everyone else. And some people would say that’s fair, because we have a monopoly on desktop operating systems (and maybe office suites, too). Innovation is another area where we get beaten down….


No such thing as a “free lunch”

Raymond has had a few blogs about privacy policies lately. It has motivated me to write a little bit about a bad experience I am currently having through no fault of my own, although unlike Raymond I don’t feel comfortable naming the particular company. After reading how negative this entry is, you’ll understand why! Just…


Wet paper bag or industrial safe?

A quick post this time (I promise!) Pop Quiz, hotshot. What’s more secure: (i) a wet paper bag holding a couple of stale tic-tacs (site requires Flash); or (ii) an industrial-strength safe holding $1M in diamonds? Is security a property of the object itself (wet paper versus thick steel), or of people’s disposition towards it (indifference…


I’d like to run Linux, but…

My apologies for not writing much lately; there are a few things I would like to talk about from some recent usability studies we did, but I first need to find out if I can talk about them or not. I’m not worried about getting permission to give away “secret” information of upcoming products –…


Problems with dotWord

It seems that whatever transform Rob did to make WordBlogX work with BlogX doesn’t work too well with .TEXT. It messes up hyperlinks, deletes all sections inside angle brackets, randomly adds spaces to things, and generally messes things up. Botheration. My apologies if you read my last post (which I thought I had fixed, but…

What I’d like to see in blog schemas

Nary a day goes by when Robert Scoble doesn’t have something on his blog about RSS versus ATOM or some such thing. Personally, I haven’t really looked into either format much; I just use Newsgator to read a handful of blogs in Outlook. But I am now working on my second Blog entry tool (first…


Hacked up using dotWord

I’m posting this with a hacked-up version of WordBlogX that has been trivially modified to talk to the .Text web service instead. Hopefully it will all go well, in which case I can continue using Word to write my posts, and sooner or later Rob will figure out how to do his custom action in…


Testing the web service

This is a quick test of the .Text web service. Please ignore!