Platform performance Update:early reports on Fall CPUs is that they rock!

It appears the promise of the Penryn/Wolfdale/Yorkfield Intel CPUs is being born out. See for an early performance report. This bodes well for the future, and is something I started mentioning months ago as a positive platform performance step that would help FSX like its going to help every app.


FSX SP1:Performance work

Finally, we have shipped!   It’s been solid work since Nov from the Graphics and Terrain team on SP1 performance.   Here is a work-list on performance so you can understand what we did:   General Performance Work 1.         performed more work on the LOD system, 2.         optimized the UI rendering to reduce overhead when…


The PC Industry, Multicore, and FSX ( with a little DX10 thrown in for good measure )

This is a recap of an post, that I wanted to capture here. I’d like to take the time to address 2 areas that come up often: 1)FSX designing for multicore2)FSX designing for DX10 1)FSX designing for multicore As I stated in a previous post last year, the switch from Ghz to Multicore took…