Acceleration and SP2

Overview   Acceleration has RTM’ed. Acceleration Pack contains the SP2 fixes; including both DX9 and DX10 work. Acceleration Pack looks really good, and for the $30 US list price there is a lot of value with 3 aircraft (F-18 jet, P-51 racer, EH101 helo), along with 30+ missions and several new “sim” features like a…


Vista OOM fix:Must have update from the mother-ship

Aug 28th a fix became available for Vista from the Windows team.   The bits will be made generally available from the link here and relatively detailed KB is attached.   The issue is that Vista was creating an extra copy of graphics memory ( noted by AnandTech here ) and that was causing a pre-mature exhaustion of…


Platform performance Update:early reports on Fall CPUs is that they rock!

It appears the promise of the Penryn/Wolfdale/Yorkfield Intel CPUs is being born out. See for an early performance report. This bodes well for the future, and is something I started mentioning months ago as a positive platform performance step that would help FSX like its going to help every app.


Vista Appcompat update for FSX

The KB located at contains an application compatibility update for Vista that include changes for FSX that enable us to fix the disabling of Aero when you launch FSX on Vista. This came out earlier this year, but I wasn’t aware of anything that would make me recommend it. Now I do :–), as that is…


SP1 Tips

Here are some general suggestions and a few tips I have gleaned from the forums. General Performance   The goal of SP1 was: ·         to increase performance 20-40% ·         to enable FSX to take advantage of multi-core machines ·         fix some other bugs   There was not a goal to make FSX playable with all…


FSX SP1:Performance work

Finally, we have shipped!   It’s been solid work since Nov from the Graphics and Terrain team on SP1 performance.   Here is a work-list on performance so you can understand what we did:   General Performance Work 1.         performed more work on the LOD system, 2.         optimized the UI rendering to reduce overhead when…


Heads up Vista FSX flyers – Vista multiple monitor fix now available!

There has been a known issue with Vista and multiple monitors, where trying to go full-screen with any application did not work.  A black or flickering screen was the result. Fortunately running windowed was no problem. Customers who called in were sent to the KB page here. Now there is a fix available here. And…


The PC Industry, Multicore, and FSX ( with a little DX10 thrown in for good measure )

This is a recap of an post, that I wanted to capture here. I’d like to take the time to address 2 areas that come up often: 1)FSX designing for multicore2)FSX designing for DX10 1)FSX designing for multicore As I stated in a previous post last year, the switch from Ghz to Multicore took…