FSX SP1: The blog posts

We have collected the set of blog posts I created on release of SP1, and turned them into an article on FSInsider, here http://www.fsinsider.com/tips/Pages/SP1HowtoPrepareforSP1andWhatYouGetWhenYouInstallIt.aspx, that makes for a little easier reading.


SP1 Tips

Here are some general suggestions and a few tips I have gleaned from the forums. General Performance   The goal of SP1 was: ·         to increase performance 20-40% ·         to enable FSX to take advantage of multi-core machines ·         fix some other bugs   There was not a goal to make FSX playable with all…


FSX SP1:Performance work

Finally, we have shipped!   It’s been solid work since Nov from the Graphics and Terrain team on SP1 performance.   Here is a work-list on performance so you can understand what we did:   General Performance Work 1.         performed more work on the LOD system, 2.         optimized the UI rendering to reduce overhead when…


FSX Progress Update – SP1 and DX10

Its time for another update on FSX Progress. This is largely similar to what I posted on Avsim.com. SP1 We are working thru the set of tasks we identified for SP1, are getting closer to closure and a final test pass, and should have more to say as far as details in the next couple…