Vista OOM fix:Must have update from the mother-ship

Aug 28th a fix became available for Vista from the Windows team.   The bits will be made generally available from the link here and relatively detailed KB is attached.   The issue is that Vista was creating an extra copy of graphics memory ( noted by AnandTech here ) and that was causing a pre-mature exhaustion of…


Platform performance Update:early reports on Fall CPUs is that they rock!

It appears the promise of the Penryn/Wolfdale/Yorkfield Intel CPUs is being born out. See for an early performance report. This bodes well for the future, and is something I started mentioning months ago as a positive platform performance step that would help FSX like its going to help every app.


Moderated Blog comments and rules

So it’s been almost 2 weeks since I started moderating blog posts. I am publishing some of them, but not all. It’s a matter of time and appropriateness.   Certainly posts in the following categories: a) Schedule questions, b) Requests to be added to beta, c) asking for hw recommendations or sw tech support, d) Are…