New Job, New Blog

I opened the doors on a new blog here so that this blog remains clean and FS focused. The new blog will primarily be about graphics, GPUs, gaming, architecture, and whatever else strikes me as relevant. Besides the first obligatory Intro post, I have posted a brief history of DirectX releases. Hopefully some of you will…


Heads up, PTaylor leaving the building

Sometimes you run across an opportunity that is so big, so cool, that you just have to take it.Intel has offered me a position on the Larrabee team helping deliver the Larrabee launch titles.Having been involved with the last two big PC graphics transitions ( software renderering to the 1st 3D hardware, fixed function 3D…


Cool Scenery Index site

which lists available scenery worldwide, at very useful to bookmark.


KJFK by FSDreamTeam released

Newly released and looking impressive. At   with a few interesting FSX-only features.


Available North American GA airports

As part of a discussion thread or 2 on and, I researched smaller GA airport sceneries available in North America:1)Floyd Bennett Field in NY was just announced ( and CGAS Brooklyn )$=main/notams08/cgas0831.htm2)and so was an update for NAS Penscola Scenery Eielson AFB (PAEI), Fairbanks, Alaska Scenery Simulations Release Grand Strand Airport, South…


Another list of great places to visit

To complement my list of high-detail airports and cities here SimTours is a great place to know about. Check it out here Not only do they have places with custom objects, they also list places with “anomalies”. Great stuff. Happy flying!


FSX Gold

showing available from EB Games here ( on 9/30 ) and Amazon here ( on 9/19 ) and here ( also on 9/19 ) Sim-Outhouse already called this out here so I am not breaking any news that isnt already broken :-). I’d take the dates with a grain of salt, it…


For 2D Panel fans

SIDickDastardly has just posted about an amazing freeeware 2D Panel add-on called PanelMania that has: 1. Panels for all default FSX aircraft with fewer than 2 engines 2. A total of 24 new fullscreen panels (48 including night versions), ideal for use on a 2nd monitor or PC 3. Three additional standard 2D panels plus…


Freeware and affordable modeling tools for FSX

XSI Mod Tool There is a discussion of how to use the XSI mod tool here to create models for FSX. XSI Mod is a freeware tool from Softimage, see this page. There is clearly room for someone to take these instructions, deal with the animations issue, and make a plugin to automate this. 3D Canvas Decapod has…