Heads up, PTaylor leaving the building

Sometimes you run across an opportunity that is so big, so cool, that you just have to take it.

Intel has offered me a position on the Larrabee team helping deliver the Larrabee launch titles.

Having been involved with the last two big PC graphics transitions ( software renderering to the 1st 3D hardware, fixed function 3D hardware to programmable 3D hardware with shaders ) I just cannot refuse to participate in what could be the third sea change in PC graphics.

Indeed, Larrabee has the potential to not only change the face of PC graphics, but ultimately the shape of the PC architecture as well.

This is something that, if I turned it down, I would be muttering into my coffee over for the next 10 years. So I have to go give it a go.

Just to be crystal clear - this is not a statement about Aces, Trains2, FSvNext, or ESP. This is a reflection of the opportunity. So please don't read anything into it other than what it is, that I am transitioning to a great opportunity. I fully expect great things out of Aces over the next several years.

Enjoy FSX in the meantime, and stay tuned to what Aces has planned.

The Flight Sim community is full of talented people, to those few that I got to personally interact with, I really appreciate being part of the community for the 2+ years I was here. Thank you!

And who knows, Larrabee will likely be interested in FS11 so I may get to interact with Aces and all of you all over again. Which would be just great from my perspective.

My last day in Aces is Friday, September 26th.

Good luck and good flying!


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  1. NickN says:

    I wish to sincerely thank you Phil for bringing your knowledge and skills to the MSFS community, stepping up to the plate and bringing the FSX title into its time along with setting the standards for the future.

    You will be missed and I wish you god speed in your journey to follow that dream and path as a cutting edge developer in 3D technology

    Good Luck Phil!  

  2. NelsAnderson says:

    Hi Phil…Congratulations on the new opportunity, it sure sounds like something hard to pass up.

    Thank you for all you have done for the flightsim community during your time at Microsoft/ACES. Your opening is interacting with the flightsim community has been very appreciated.

    Nels Anderson–FlightSim.Com

  3. If you have not heard it already, Phil Taylor is leaving ACES, check out this post at Phil's own

  4. As you have probably already heard via Arno’s or even his own blog , Phil Taylor is leaving ACES

  5. vgbaron says:

    Phil –

    Congratulations and very best wishes on your new endeavor. I’m sure you will bring the same zeal to Intel as to MS. You are, IMHO, a class act.

    The flightsim community will sorely miss you. Hopefully, your successor will have the same open line of communication as you. The benefits to the community and to MS were exceptional.

    Best of luck,

    Vic Baron

  6. davenunez says:

    Congrats Phil, sounds like a great chance – we all knew you loved the hardware best – those back of the envelope posts were a dead giveaway. Thanks for all your work and effort in keeping the community updated on FSX, you will be missed – please encourage the next PM to post as often as you did!

  7. Timmo says:

    Congratulations on the new position Phil. I’d like to iterate others thanks for your impact on the FSFS community- I’ve learned a heap from your various posts about the fantastic string of 0’s and 1’s that we call FSX.


    Tim, New Zealand

  8. darkestknight says:

    thanks for making a piece of garbage like fsx.  doesnt appear that any good code optimization was done at all.  targeting future machines?  wow, everyones gotta scale it back to look like fs2004 for now?  except that it runs like crap still.  what a waste of money.  aces might still be around if they won some good praise on fsx… but nope… failure.

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