Rocket Racing League

is at Oshkosh and one of the models flew, how cool is that! a nice writeup on at more good coverage at


Article on how to convert 3DSMax content for use with GMax

I worked with Chuck Jodry  and John Walton on an article to showcase how to convert 3DSMax model content so it can be used with GMax. It turns out this is hard and may be a limiting factor for freeware model developers. The article is here an I hope it is helpful. The DC-3 model that goes along…


Gamefest 2008 and the DirectX 11 announcement

GameFest 2008 slides are available at GameFest is the annual developers conference run by Microsoft. The focus is split between XBox 360 and PC, with a decent amount of material for the PC side. Of especial interest is the DirectX 11 announcement, on GamaSutra here and on EXPReview here Bit-Tech is also good,…


Rendering Engine Updates for TS2, or the dirt I can spill after the National Train Show demo ( animated characters )

So, in case you missed it, TS2 was publicly demoed at the National Train Show last week. And the web site at had a major facelift. Plus some new information is now publicly available. See From that link, for instance, it is now official; TS2 is due for “holiday 2009”. Which makes sense…