Last Post was 100th Blog post

I thought it was noteworthy of mention that my last post on FSX version identifiers was my 100th post.

I suppose that makes me a confirmed blogger, and not one of the bloggers who starts a blog and doesn't really follow-thru which I was in danger of in my old job.

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  1. orionll says:

    Hi Phil


    Thanks for the great blog.


  2. blueflamer says:

    no sir, 1024 is the unspoken/unwritten rule. Keep ’em coming.

  3. Well, it has been a while since I posted anything FS related. Frankly that is because unlike the good

  4. UlfB says:

    Thanks for your postings here and on the major sim sites.

  5. blackbird says:

    Congrats, learned so much here, great help to me.

  6. Aberforth says:

    you guys should start FSX certification.

  7. marcg11 says:

    I don’t think it said enough how much I appreciate your efforts in keeping the community informed regarding FSX.  For those of us long in the teeth regarding this product its fantastic.

    Your restraint given the amount of flak (unjustified in my opinion) you take in the simulation community is remarkable (and the fact that it still goes on after all this time is even more incredible). Once again thanks and keep up the good work…

  8. rap777 says:

    Hi Phil!

    Well done and I am looking for many more updates as we march towards FSXI.

    I have a quick question though. If you feel that is beyond the scope of what you are trying to provide and can not answer, I understand… to my problem

    Back ground ……….I live in Australi but last year when visiting my Parents in Austria I was given a German Version of FSX as a gift. I installed it on my computer once I returned home and it works GREAT, ( do not mind the german content of course)

    …..BUT NOW I really would like to get Acceleration but of course can only get the english version…..

    now to my question,

    1) is there a way to use the english acceleration for FSX on the German FSX with SP2 ( I know it is part of acceleration or….

    2) Is it possible to purchase the German version of Acceleration LEGALLY from Microsoft?…..or

    3) Purchase the German Acceleration directly from you ?

    If you can’t provide info, I understand, If you know of a website or link of someone who can, Please let me know.

    Kind regards, God bless and many thanks


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