Partial fix for the "w-key" cockpit view issue

Sidewinder on came up with a decent partial fix for this issue, see the thread here.

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  1. TheSidewinder says:

    Thanks, Phil.

    I edited my post on Avsim to make it more helpful and less ranting. 😉

  2. TheSidewinder says:

    Oops, seems I cant edit it. I’ll try to get a mod to do it.

  3. yamane says:

    The main doubt is: Why a USER need to do a patch, not Microsoft?

    This problem with w-key is started with a Microsoft Patch (SP1) and SP2 don´t fix it!

    Patch is necessary to FIX bugs, not START bug!

    Pls, think about this: DON´T CHANGE WHAT IS NOT NECESSARY, because with this, news bugs can "born"!


    Renato S. Yamane

  4. stevenoz says:

    I agree with yamane, MS should fix this patch bug.

    Looking around, without the view being blocked by the aircraft, is one of the joys of MS Flight Sim. Great for a geography lesson!

    The "fix" mentioned above, and some other attempts, are not acceptable.

    I think MS should hire a programmer that can fix this long-standing bug.

    Also, Phil, please note in future patch notes if this bug is fixed. Many of us don’t want to chance another patch by you or your team that destroys our views.

    Reinstalling this sim is a major bore and problematic with MS copy protection. [Down with copy protection and DRM!] Uninstalling the patch didn’t work for me.


    Steven Oz

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