GPU variants, performance envelopes, and being an informed consumer

Overall, performance is only as good as the weakest link in the chain. So if you skimp on the GPU and get a great CPU, the GPU becomes the bottleneck.   There is a reason the high-end cards cost so much. They provide more. Really.   Understanding how the variants differ is key.   The…


Last Post was 100th Blog post

I thought it was noteworthy of mention that my last post on FSX version identifiers was my 100th post. I suppose that makes me a confirmed blogger, and not one of the bloggers who starts a blog and doesn’t really follow-thru which I was in danger of in my old job.


Manual for F/A-18 VC in Acceleration

For the F18 cockpit manual, go here,4.0.html


Aces Studio Organization:Yesterday and Today

Now that I am starting a new series of posts, let’s talk about where the Studio is from an organizational perspective. To understand the present, you first need to understand the past. The Studio has had a lot of changes and growth in my 18 months. First we shipped FSX in October 2006, 3 months…


Great jobs available in Aces

We have openings in both Dev and PM in the graphics org, see these postings on the MS job site: PM, Graphics and Terrain Dev, Graphics Tools Dev, Graphics Dev Lead, Graphics The Studio is growing and is a great place to work. If you have the skills and passion, please…


New Year, new role, new series of posts

So now that I am back and just about dug out from the holidays and some intense management training that I attended, I wanted to engage the community in a discussion about how the Studio is changing, where we are going, and how that is impacting the Studio in general and me personally. Before I…


Four points about FSX and Blurries

First and before I forget – Happy New Year!   Next, this post is not meant to minimize, marginalize, or denigrate anyone who has the blurries. This post is meant to discuss the data I have in front of me as a result of investigations on this topic. Please do not take this information in the wrong…