Registry repair tool if you have installed more than 1 time and have troubles

If you have installed before, and especially if you have installed add-ons - its entirely possible some registry entry did not get completely removed. This can block re-installing or make the re-install fail.

If this sounds familiar, and you get stuck you could try using the FSX Registry repair tool from Flight 1.

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  1. Bikedude says:

    Phil, did you see the latest flamewar, I think it was over at Raymond Chen’s blog, concerning registry usage?

    Lots of people think the registry is some magical fragile place fraught with dangers. (and that applications’ configuration needs are somehow better served by flat text files)

    When you guys are so easily hurt with innocent reg remnants, it adds that much more fuel to the fire. From the outside, it looks very strange that the installer would be bothered at all…

    I realise that plugins might complicate the installation somewhat, but I can’t help but think that there are easy ways around this.

    In any case, more care should be taken in the future to avoid the dependancy on "registry cleaner tools". It just looks bad.

    (this comment was brought to you by the campaign for extensive registry usage)

  2. Phil Taylor says:


    The uninstaller technology we used for FSX-RTM and Acceleration and the SPs is more sensitive to the registry changes by add-ons than other technology. We are looking to make changes for future products.

    I do not believe this has anything to do with the registry itself, but with the installer/uninstaller tech.

  3. amis says:

    Dear Phil,

    I tried FSX Registry Repair Tool but I still have following problem with reinstalation:

    As you know after 1st instalation when you start running FSX 1st time, some window appears something is generating, loading and indexing..)

    When I reinstalle FSX, this window never appear again. In this case SP1 causes FSX crash when view is switched to VC.

    I unistall FSX via Add/Remove programs, delete all FSX files, use CCleaner to clean Windows register, restart PC and install FSX. It looks like FSX is never uninstalled properly. I tried many forums to solve the problem but nothing has helped. SP2 is also not working and I think that there could be the same reason.

    I am really desperate. Please help.


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