FSX-SP2 is available for download!

With a week to spare before the Winter Solstice and fall is over!

A lot of people worked hard to get this done before Christmas, kudos to the SP2 team at Aces.

FSInsider.com now has the downloads links.



My post on Acceleration and SP2 is still operational and nothing major has changed from that plan. The only thing I could add is we did get Shared Cockpit to work to enhance the  Multi-Player experience in Free Flight.



Here are the download links:

Japanese: http://download.microsoft.com/download/2/3/2/23210b7c-3fa6-48d6-b39a-093bc685034a/fsx_sp2_JPN.msi


Polish:      http://download.microsoft.com/download/a/2/1/a21aa71f-e34b-43b1-a179-22d3363c145a/fsx_sp2_PLK.msi


Spanish:   http://download.microsoft.com/download/2/0/c/20c010de-f0a5-42d9-8022-565c773069ac/fsx_sp2_ESP.msi


French:     http://download.microsoft.com/download/8/e/5/8e5b3547-b7da-4db7-b866-742d81738205/fsx_sp2_FRA.msi


German:   http://download.microsoft.com/download/8/7/7/877fad78-87e9-4813-9d0f-851aff6b543e/fsx_sp2_DEU.msi


English:    http://download.microsoft.com/download/d/6/9/d69519cc-b2bb-44c1-84d3-b9f77507f813/fsx_sp2_ENU.msi


Russian:   http://download.microsoft.com/download/4/5/9/4592da66-7d2a-400a-810c-bfdfe6ba4009/fsx_sp2_RUS.msi


Italian:      http://download.microsoft.com/download/b/3/6/b3654510-aeae-4b19-b8c5-f18bf199768d/fsx_sp2_ITA.msi


Comments (57)
  1. NickN says:

    Hi Phil

    Happy Holidays and a well deserved break for you and the team.

    One Question: In order for shared cockpits to now funtion, will those who have installed Acceleration need to run this SP2 installer?


  2. NickN says:

    Apparently the SP2 installer will refuse to continue if Acceleration is already installed.

    Since you mentioned shared cockpits now work I assume that fix was added to this SP2 release. Am I correct in that assumption?

    If so, how are those on Acceleration going to be able to obtain that feature or does the stand alone SP2 need to be installed before Acceleration now.


  3. Phil Taylor says:


    Accel-Accel MP and Shared Cockpit already worked.

    SP2 makes Accel-SP2 MP and Shared Cockpit work.

    hope that clarifies.

  4. NickN says:

    Yes, it does. And that sense.

    Thank you

    I do not used the shared cockpit feature however I do try to relay information as questions come up. Since you mentioned that feature in connection with this update, I wanted to be sure I understood.


  5. dreddhk says:

    So … just to clarify, this SP2 adds nothing to SP2 availably with Acceleration?

  6. Bink.nu says:

    With a week to spare before the Winter Solstice and fall is over! A lot of people worked hard to get

  7. Phil Taylor says:


    correct, SP2 is for the non-Acceleration customer.

  8. dreddhk says:

    Ok – cheers for making that Black and White

  9. apopilot says:

    What are the major improvement in SP2 other  than DX10?

  10. Phil Taylor says:


    See my previous post about Acceleration and SP2 back in October. Confirming that Shared Cockpit works between SP2-Accel is the only new information beyond that post.

  11. orionll says:

    Hi Phil

    Are the flickering taxiways still there?  Or is there a fix?  Also, is there a way to place an Acceleration aircraft carrier using the Object Placement Tool?  If not, would mind explaining how you got it in the carrier missions in Acceleration?



  12. As the title says, the ACES team have worked really hard to get this our before Christmas, and Phil posts

  13. Phil Taylor says:


    Use AICarriers.zip from the avsim file library to place carriers ( and fleets ).

    Taxiways – we did nothing specific to make them flicker in Acceleration or fix them in SP2 so I believe this is a driver issue.

  14. TheSidewinder says:


    First, I’m glad to see you all worked hard to get us SP2, and I *DO* appreciate that.

    However…. the bug *introduced* by SP1 (The "W" key issue) is a REAL killer for VFR drivers (like me). And I’m not alone. I know a lot of folks who are incensed by it.

    Any chance that can be addressed with a hotfix, since you’ve said there will be no more Service Packs for FSX?

    Or am I just going to have to be satisfied with crippled Flight Simming until FS11?  🙁

    Thank you for your time.


  15. Phil Taylor says:


    no plans for any additional fixes, as I have already stated.

    sorry about that.

  16. TheSidewinder says:

    Thank you for your answer, Phil, although I’m disappointed with it for several reasons.

    I’m reasonably sure you aren’t directly responsible for the decision to halt further Service Packs for FSX, as the ACES team begins development of the next FS version, but I’m very surprised (and angered) that a bug INTRODUCED by a Service Pack isn’t going to be fixed. That isn’t an "additional fix", that’s rectifying a glaring error on your (MS’s) part.

    This isn’t the way Microsoft used to do business. In the future I, and others, will not be rushing out to purchase FS11 on its release day as I have done in the past for nearly all Flight Sim Versions.

    Fool me once, shame on thee. Fool me twice, shame on me.

    I won’t waste any more of your, or my, time.


  17. Phil Taylor says:


    sorry you feel that way, have a good holiday!

  18. vlanza says:

    Phil, first off, I wanted to thank you and all of your crew on the hard work you have done. It is really great.

    I have one of the earliest versions of FS from Sublogic/Bruce Artwick that I ran on my IBM PC Jr. Lots of hours playing in 4 color graphics. I especially loved the Aces dogfight game. Those were the days! I have played nearly every version since then and I am sure I have several thousand hours of flight time accumulated!

    I do need your help with something. I am trying to install SP2 and after a few seconds after clicking the installation program, I get an error that the update requires the English version of FSX. I know I have the English version so I was wondering if you have heard of this issue before? I have turned off my anti-virus during install and have installed SP1 already.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks again and keep up the good work,


  19. vrasdurub says:

    I agree with this part of Sidewinder’s comments:

    "I’m very surprised…that a bug INTRODUCED by a Service Pack isn’t going to be fixed. That isn’t an "additional fix", that’s rectifying a glaring error on your (MS’s) part."

    Bugs ARE inherently differently than features announced and not delivered.

    If I were to introduce bugs at my daily job and refuse to fix them, people would die. Luckily, Microsoft has only cost me and other people money and degraded my experience.

  20. bobarnso says:


    Please use the following command line to try installing SP2 again:

    msiexec /l*vx sp2install.log /i fsx_sp2_ENU.msi

    Assuming it doesn’t work, please send the log file to me at bobarnso -at- microsoft.com and I’ll take a look.

    Bob (ACES)

  21. mtoohill says:

    Wait, I’m confused.  I understand that you are not going to be adding any more service packs, but no bug fixes in the future?  Are you kidding?  This game is barely a year old, and you guys are done with any updates and fixes?  Plus a bug created by a SP?  You’re just throwing up your hands and walking away?  That’s the best you can treat your customers?  Yeah, it’s fine and good you got this service pack out in time for Christmas, we all appreciate that (though some of us are working hard before Christmas as well) but come on!!!  If you sell a product, you need to maintain it.  You guys can do better than this.


  22. mtoohill says:

    So what am I supposed to be looking for with DX10 Preview?  The SP2 installation went without a hitch  (running Vista Home, 8800GTS 640, CD2 e6600 at 3.2GHz, raptor), I did a before (without DX10 preview) and after (with DX10 preview) comparison and I’m getting some unusual shadows in the cockpit with lots of jaggies (AA is on), framerates are down, and I’m not seeing much else in terms of picture quality.  Are there certain flights that display DX10 qualities, hence, the "preview" moniker?  Thanks.


  23. Garyval says:

    Thanks Phil

    Just one question. From tweaks for SP1 i used




    n  num of cores scheduled   processor bit mask

    1  = 1 core  0001

    3  = 2 cores   0011

    7  = 3 cores   0111

    15  = 4 cores  1111

    What about SP2?

  24. Phil Taylor says:


    the jobscheduler tweak still works, but you should only use that if there are problems.

  25. Phil Taylor says:


    my blog post on Acceleration and SP2 discusses the features in the DX10 preview.

  26. MaricLuc says:

    I need your help with something. I am trying to install SP2 and after a few seconds after clicking the installation program, I get an error that the update requires the English version of FSX. I know I have the English version so I was wondering if you have heard of this issue before? I have installed SP1 already.

    I use the following command line to try installing SP2 again:

    msiexec /l*vx sp2install.log /i fsx_sp2_ENU.msi

    Didn’t work.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks and keep up the good work,


  27. Phil Taylor says:


    send your installer log file to Bob as he indicated.

  28. Te_Vigo says:

    I’ve noticed the CFS.cfg file doesn’t seem to update in DX10 mode… the hard/ easy options remain at easy, though hard is set in the game. Anisotropic remains set, even though Trilinear is set in game.

    Changing Texture Max Load to 768 (my card) from 1024 seems to help smooth out the shadows to an acceptable look for the most, though still not good at all angles

  29. ecsmith62 says:

    Any word on when the SDK update will be available? 🙂


  30. Te_Vigo says:

    oops… that should have been fsx.CFG file

  31. Phil Taylor says:


    I cannot provide a hard date at this time.

  32. chamelean90 says:

    Can I install FSX SP1 (for the performance tweaks) over the top of Acceleration Pack?

  33. Phil Taylor says:


    We are trying to get the SP2 SDK out in the next week or so, that is all I can say.

  34. Phil Taylor says:


    No, reverse order installs do not work.

    SP2 adds performance tweaks to SP1 anyways.

  35. risa2000 says:

    Phil, you said:


    no plans for any additional fixes, as I have already stated.

    sorry about that."

    Do you mean, no further fixes in the future? Because I read your original lines from the perspective "no additional fixes compared to Accel. pack.".

  36. Phil Taylor says:


    the studio is moving on to new product development.

  37. usafgadget says:


    Does SP2 support the mix of DX9 (7600GS) and DX10 (8800GT) capable cards?  (i.e. undocked panels on a second monitor)

  38. richard1000 says:

    I would like to add my disquiet at the apparent lack of interest in fsx users problems and the decision to not fix any errors that are discovered. Its actually one of the most outrageous things I have heard of from software companies – and I have heard of many stories over the years.

    The ‘w’ key error was caused by an upgrade and must be fixed.

    I am also having trouble with the progressive taxiing arrows; they no longer appear. Anyone else have this problem?

    Who else can we complain to?


  39. tangofox says:

    Well another UNHAPPY  user of FSX now after install SP2, fsx crash everytime when  I move from Virtual Cockpit to settings just crash all the times,  all the houses around TVSC Canouan Airport now disappeared  with all the scenery settings MAX , the strobes lights wintips 747 default not working, sorry but for me this is a huge scam from Microsoft for released this software incomplete.

    Sorry Phil Taylor  but I follow this Blog since FSX was released,  I Though SP2 will fix all the issues that  was my HOPE..

    I will not buy any Game from Microsoft

    I´m  back to FS2004.

  40. Meach says:

    Hi Phil,

    I’m one of those users who has used FS in various forms for over 25 years, I’ve never posted or mailed anyone at MS, so this is my first…!

    I can see the usual complaints/compliments/thanks/whinges after the SP2 release, I hope that you and the guys expected this, you can’t please all the people all the time.. etc etc.

    My two cents:  We’ve been given, by various historical means, the most incredible piece of software in the history of computing.  The open architecture has kept the product vital, but it’s the team who have put in all the work and put up with all the comments over the years that have made FSX what it is.

    I’ve spent thousands of happy hours on my sim, I’ve built full size cockpits, changed PC’s a dozen times and I’m constantly amazed at the beauty of this product. I know that the development path is a rocky one, with little thanks.

    So, please pass my sincere thanks and best wishes for the holiday to everyone in the team – thank you all!!


  41. npoulis says:

    >I am also having trouble with the progressive taxiing arrows; they no longer appear. Anyone else have this problem?

    ->>> richard1000

    I got the same problem. Is there a workaround?

  42. DShutt says:

    Thanks to the ACES team for offering not one, but 2 service packs for FSX. The performance increases are noticeable even with my rather humble ‘puter.

    As for the complaints from some quarters, I recall these words of wisdom from the celluloid sector:

    Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.

    The reality is, if you don’t like FSX, FS 5 through 9 are still available for use.

    Again, thanks ACES team. And a special thanks to our community guys: Phil, Mike, Bill and even Zee 😉

  43. Kreu says:


    I’ve been struggling all day trying to install FSX SP2 but it won’t do. I mean, it starts installing fine and it looks as if the whole process is going to be successful… only to be faced with this error message at the very end:

    Microsoft.FlightSimulator.Simconnect,version="",publicKey Token="67c7c14424d61b5b",processorArchitecture="x86",type="win32".

    HRESULT: 0x80073712

    that said, it starts rolling back and the installation just goes away. has anyone had this issue before? Any suggestions?

    I’m using Windows Vista Home Premium (32bit version), if that may help…

  44. DShutt says:

    Of course I meant Brett, not Bill (though we all love Bill, don’t we?)…

  45. Phil Taylor says:


    You need to have SP1 installed before installing SP2 as per the readme, that version number does not look right.

  46. jazzselect says:

    Ok, so no more fixes for Fsx.

    Are the Aces guys saying this is now a final and complete product?

    Is there a possibility that you guys can ask mr Gates to release the source code for additional bug-fixes?? 😉

    Any news ’bout FS11 yet? -anything would be fun to read.

    Anyways, without you I would’t fly at all.

    So thank you Phil!

  47. janjansen says:


    I notices some flickering with sp2 and also with acelleration pack in the scenery wich isn’t an artifact, thats for sure.

    Just build an new computer so I have an complete fresh setup with new parts, new videocard and so on and decided to install sp2 instead of acelleration pack, but the results are the same.

    It looks like sometimes fsx (sp2/acelleration) isn’t fast enough to feed the computer/graphics card.

    Is there an setting wrong?

  48. Kreu says:

    The thing is that I already have SP1 installed! I’m going to re-install it just to double check…

  49. jerm138 says:

    New Nvidia drivers came out today.

    I was under the impression that Nvidia was supposed to fix the fatal error problem that Acceleration / SP2 causes with many 7-series cards when trying to access menu items while in full-screen mode.

    I have checked their website daily for over a month.  Tried the new drivers today, and they didn’t fix the problem.

    Is Microsoft/ACES in contact with Nvidia about this problem?  I would really like to know what is being done to fix it.  I don’t really see how it’s Nvidia’s problem considering that the problem existed when Acceleration/SP2 was released, regardless of what Nvidia drivers were being used at the time(new, old, whatever)… seems to me like it wasn’t tested properly prior to release… but regardless, I would still like to know what is being done on Microsoft’s side to fix it.

    This is not just a minor problem that only a few customers have… it affects a lot of people and it is a very well-known issue among the flight sim community.

    Considering the recent attitude of "too bad… we’re done with this program" I honestly don’t expect any response other than "it’s Nvidia’s problem, not ours."

  50. jason52034304 says:

    Hello phil sorry to bother you i know how busy you are but could you please tell me how to enable dx10 mode in fsx i have vista os but see no option to enable it

    many thanks phil


  51. Te_Vigo says:

    Is Crossfire enabled for FSX?… if it is then it isn’t working… everything jumps around like crazy in spot view.

  52. ronshani says:


    I have 2 installations of fsx on 2 separate computers (I kept it running on the old one and started with the new one). Here is my experience:

    Computer 1 (old) – Pentium-4 3.0GHz 2GB Ram, Nvidia 6800 512MB Ram. Running Vista Ultimate, FSX+SP1+Acceleration. All drivers are up-to-date. All windows updates installed. As for FSX – it is running very well, off course – no DX10 asper older video card.

    Computer 2 (new monster) – Intel-Quad 6600, 2GB Ram, Nvidia 880GTS 640MB Ram. Running Vista Ultimate, FSX+SP1+SP2. All drivers are up-to-date. All windows updates installed. As for FSX – it is running very well in DX10 preview mode – but only in some areas. Flying over europe, hungary, austria, vienna and so is excelent, no crashes. Flying over my own photo-scenery of the dead-sea is super with framerate of over 100. But flying over other regions of Israel, where I use some older fs2004 sceneries, crash fsx after few minutes, sometimes seconds. I use FSX with max settings.

    So, if I compare the 2 computers and installations, I think that the problem is with the DX10 preview. I use latest Nvidia drivers. Maybe you should talk with Nvidia, so that they will setup a PC with FSX and see themself what is wrong?

  53. Te_Vigo says:

    I thought that too… being DX10 as the culprit but I took a chance and installed Crysis and bang out of the box… it’s all as smooth as silk.

    I also found just before I cross fired my system…

    I had 1 x Radeon 3870, which left my (now) old 8800 Ultra dead in the water with both Image Quality, performance and FSX ran rather smooth… well actually, it ran very smooth, though the shadow bugs were still present.

  54. ronshani says:

    Yes, I have the same experience – I was trying crysis – just to see the graphics – I do not play such games… – and all was perfect.

    I also can say that the area where I have the problem now (fs2004 scenery for Israel) was functioning excelent with FSX+SP1.

    Only now, with fsx+SP1+SP2+DX1- Preview fsx crashes there.

  55. Te_Vigo says:

    and knocking the water down to Med High, sorted out (for the most) the shadows…

    Switching Catalyst AI to Advanced seems to work a treat and there’s no (as yet) game crash after 20min with DX10 option running and eveything being reasonably smooth and consistent… making sure the .cfg file reflects the game settings.

  56. ronshani says:

    This means that my problem is directly related to Nvidia driver…

    I use the latest (from last week) driver.

  57. Te_Vigo says:

    More than likely it’s the cards themselves… perhaps the hardware itself doesn’t quite cut it.


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