More on FSX-SP2(DX10) delay factors

I will try one more time to explain why SP2 is taking longer, since there are persistent doubts as to Aces intentions in general and my truthfulness in particular.

While the features may have been final, they have not been tested. What do you mean, they haven't been tested - you said there are no new fixes right? Yes, but read on.

Since SP2 as a web download is a separate product we have treated it as such. SP2 is in a separate source tree. That is really the only way to be sure about what you are developing and building. Trying to build 2 products out of 1 tree is inviting disaster.

Because it is in a separate source tree, it requires a separate build process. Any separate build requires separate testing by definition. That is how the "form" of SP2, in that it is a separate product in a separate tree with a separate build process, dictates future actions. Because it is a separate product and treated as such, the bits are most decidely not "just sitting on the shelf". The bits need to be rebuilt and retested.

But that is not sufficient to ship them, that is only part of the story. On to the rest of what has to happen before we can ship.

Once all Acceleration languages were finalized ( and it took a couple weeks to do that after Acceleration RTM for all additional languages ), we could then turn our focus onto SP2. The single setup developer we have was busy with the extra language setups for Acceleration and could only move to SP2 once all the languages for Acceleration had shipped.

One he had done that, he then had to then write the setup for SP2. It did not exist before he finished with Acceleration. Without a setup, we have nothing to ship.

That still is not sufficient.

We still have to validate the contents of SP2. To do this, we then had to go back thru the bug database and checkin mails and validate all fixes that should be in both trees were. And we found a couple that, in the heat of trying to finalize Acceleration, were indeed not checked in both trees.

These then had to be integrated. Once that process was complete, we then could kick off "all-in" SP2 builds.

And start the localization process for SP2. Since we have a shared Loc team in geographically dispersed areas ( Dublin, Tokyo, Taiwan, Korea ) we direct that process but do not own it and have our hands tied as to how fast things progress.

Once the SP2 builds got to a certain stability, we could then post an SP2 beta to validate:
1) setup,
2) the required fixes are indeed in, and
3) that free flight multiplayer ( modulo shared cockpit ) between SP2 and Acceleration is indeed compatible.

These are all important, required engineering steps. This testing is critical testing and cannot be skipped.

So reaching SP2 beta is an important milestone and one which justified my blogging about it to inform the community as to progress.

From this much more detailed discussion, perhaps skeptics can be convinced. Even if not, let me remind folks that back-seat engineering is just as useful as back-seat driving.

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  1. Odai says:


    You mention SP2 multiplayer compatibility with FSX Acceleration. Will SP2 users be able to have full MP support (including shared cockpit features) with Acceleration users and non-SP2/Acceleration users?


  2. Phil Taylor says:

    Shared Cockpit is under investigation, it may not work due to the new engine sim vars ( supercharger, ADI, engine damage, helo 3-turbine support ) which has changed what needs to be synchronized between the app. No promises.

    Other than that, yes.

    Note, having any "cross-version" compatibility is tough and most multiplayer games require the same patch level. So getting SP2 and Acceleration to MP together at all is an accomplishment.

  3. DataX says:

    You schuld never have started working on  "Acceleration" before finishing your work on SP2. The DX10 effects were used for advertisment the time when FSX wasn´t even shipped. It was advertismant for Vista…it´s a shame that there are the other companyies (Farcry) that bring us the innovation of DX10. But as always, for Microsoftit had priority to focus on the product that brings money first (Acceleration).

  4. Phil Taylor says:


    I think you are forgetting SP1 and the work the studio put into that and when factoring how we are treating the FSX customer that must be included.

    Remember that the DX10/SP2 teams and Acceleration development teams are mostly separate; its really setup, localization, and testing that are causing the delay.

    Yes, we are a business but I dont believe when we are on track to deliver 2 free upgrades this year in addition to the great value in the expansion pack that we have anything to apologize for.

  5. yamane says:


    please, consider project MeshX to recommend to FS9/X Users.

    This project provide bgl files to supply more terrain detailed about South America.



  6. mtoohill says:

    Hi Phil. I’ve read this blog for quite a few months now, and I’ve very much appreciated the information you impart.  That said, I must concur with DataX, or at least share his frustration, that the DX10 features and any other bugs should have received top priority, before any other add-ons to FSX were considered.  I built a relatively high-end system last winter with an 8800GTS 640 card and installed Vista primarily to run FSX with its DX10 features that were so widely touted by MS when pushing Vista.  There was the promise that the DX10 features for FSX were coming soon.  It’s almost a year later since the release of Vista and FSX (which I paid full retail) and still no DX10 while other games have it.  I read through your explanations, and I appreciate that you’re in the middle of many tasks, but the bottom line for me and other consumers of this product is that FSX was advertised early on as a DX10 sim, and it still ain’t happening.  And I’m not particularly interested in Acceleration.  I just want FSX to work in the way it was advertised.

    Thank you for your time and a great and informative blog, and I mean that sincerely.  


  7. Cartman says:


    how useful would be a perfect working DX10 mode, if only a few add-ons would work, because the most of the 3rd party developers are still not following the FSX SDK and still selling FS9 add-ons, which are only labeled with a "X", for FSX – of course for the full price and they are telling their customers that the high price is because it’s so difficult to bulid a FSX add-on.. yeah, a new packaging and a new installer are really hard work…

    FSX needs good hardware and the Geforce8 cards are also the best for DX9, so i don’t think you wasted your money. I’m still searching for a minimum benefit for the pseudo FSX add-ons i wasted my money for…

  8. mtoohill says:

    Cartman, I never said I "wasted my money" on my 8800GTS 640.  It’s been a terrific card, but I probably would not have purchased that card at the time were it not for FSX with DX10.  BTW, I have no interest in add-ons at this time.  As a consumer, I just want FSX with functioning DX10.  That’s what was promised, that’s what I paid for, but it’s still not available.  This is like buying a $70 DVD burner with the promise that a firmware update will come soon allowing it do, say, lighscribe, and 10 months later the firmware update still has not been delivered.  If assorted technical problems are preventing delivery, then they never should have promised the feature in the first place.  Again, this is all from the consumer’s perspective.      


  9. Odai says:


    Guys, if you don’t like Microsoft’s way of doing things, which I don’t, then why buy the software? It’s been done before like this, it’s nothing new. I bought the software because I really couldn’t care less which order things are done in. Don’t like it, OK, remember the lesson, don’t buy from MS again, it’s simple. You don’t like the product, you don’t buy it.

    Anyway, Phil Taylor, is there a time frame for the release of SP2?

    Thanks again!

  10. Cartman says:


    i’m a consumer too and i wish DX10 would not only be a "preview", but now it is like it is and Phil has explained everything and that not only since yesterday, so i don’t feel betrayed.

    We knew that FSX was a DX9 game and which DX9 game was easily patched to DX10? If you look at "Company of Heroes" we should be very lucky^^

    For me it’s only important, if i can use and enjoy FSX + Xpack and thats the case!

    Where is your problem with DX10 preview, if you don’t use any add-ons? DX10 preview works fine for me, if i don’t use pseudo FSX add-ons. Ok, i have texture flickering on some airports but if i’m flying i easily forget that 🙂

    And there is also a fully working DX9 mode which alone is the money worth you paid for FSX.

  11. Rick H says:

    I may be behind in all this but I thought acceleration had the sp2 (dx10) included. So what Im asking is sp2 is still in the "works?"

  12. philby says:

    Hi Rick, from what I understand it does.

    Others can correct me, but as I read it, there is no ned for Accleration pack buyers to downloadSP2 whenver it is ready.

    Is that correct Phil?

    Phil M

  13. mtoohill says:

    I thought Acceleration only has DX10 preview.  

    Here’s a new review of Acceleration from YouGamers, quoting Phil on several points:


  14. philby says:

    Hi Marty, good link, sums up what many of us feel I would say, espeiclally in relation to Direct X 10

    What I would like to hear from Aces is when will Flight Sim have full Direct X 10 support. Is that going to be FS11, I hope not as that will be in 12 months time I would guess, based on release schedule of FS titles over the years.

    Surley Aces can spend some time and maybe even with SP2 to do more with Direct X 10.

    I upgraded to a system and Video card on the so called promotion that Both FSX and Vista would support Direct X 10, I can’t see it yet. Although I’ve not played any other Direct X 10 games on my system, actually would not know of any. Maybe someone could tell me if there are any.


    Phil M

  15. Te_Vigo says:

    Lads… listen up – A lot of went and upgraded our hardware, one: through a need and two" to be ready for FSX with DX10 which was again for most of us a decision based on then advertising and marketing (crikey… even nVidia used one of the more well known artist concept in their pushing of FSX. That image has now been removed) and well it is completely understandable that we feel ‘had’.

    More of this kind of misleading advertising will I feel bring about class action similar to what the automobile industry went through a while back, thereby cleaning up their act for them.

    Now to the hard part… DX10 is obviously (in general) a furphy in that it doesn’t work and the hardware for it ain’t working either hence DX10.1. AS far as I can make out the nVidia 8800GT still only supports DX10 with the new ATI 3870 supporting (at least in advertising) DX10.1 and physics processing.

    SLI is still problemated and if I understand correctly, DX10.1 is a new shader (4.1) both H/W and S/W.

    This leads to another point raiser and that is how can anyone design sofware for the future effectively when hardware hasn’t been designed yet?

    For us the experience has been an eye opener, so we’ve done our cash and what really has me scratching my head is how the heck did the shadows get messed up and how the heck did the flickering textures get in there? Some people will claim ‘all is good, all is great" no matter what, even though they are flying in a slideshow with bugs everywhere and rebooting from BSOD every 15 minutes.

    Phil, will SP2 standalone address the shadow and flicker problems? (oh btw, there might be a problem with some Page File configuration and MSVCR80.dll).

  16. Cartman says:

    Believe it or not, there are people like me who have no CTDs or slideshow. Of course, not all is perfect but i think DX10 preview should be mainly used by the 3rd party developers, to get prepared for FS11 and i mainly use DX10 for missions and multiplayer. And i don’t buy add-ons which are not SP2/DX10 compatible and which will be completely useless with FS11.

    But for "serious simming" and the majority of add-ons there is DX9 and i thought that was the reason why ACES called DX10 a "preview".

    BTW, if you get BSODs you should check your hardware and drivers. And if you don’t get rid of CTDs and problems you can try XP.

    And BTW, what did you all expect from DX10?

    Even if you look at Crysis, you have to use a magnifying glass to "see" DX10:

    So please don’t cry about something only because it didn’t match your wishful thinking, based on "artist’s concept images". And sadly, nobody plays Crysis with HW configs like FSX (windowed, TH2Go and all that crazy stuff)…

  17. steveyb says:

    Hello, I totally agree, and should think most of the flightsim community as well, most people have spent alot of money upgrading for the release of FSX,DX10 driven software WAY BACK IN JANUARY! I have the 8800GTX card which cost me £450 which has sat dorment for almost a year,  will probably be obsolete soon, I"m not interested in ACCELERATION just wanted a MICROSOFT ADVERTISED DX10 FSX from the start and carry on flying on VATSIM via FSCOPILOT.

    I appreciate this forums efforts and the hard work etc, but is"nt F11 expected in a years time?

  18. kerel says:


    Even after the SP2, that came with AEPack the problem of double views is not solved. .fsg file removed, driver update Nvidia, on and off AA etc. Only problems with the B737 and A320. Not B747.

    First there were no problems, only after SP1 and SP2. Can you help us?



    The Netherlands

  19. Te_Vigo says:

    For Cartman…

    "I brought with me actually a sneak preview of the next generation of Microsoft Flight Simulator. It’s a really immersive environment that’s being led by Windows Vista graphics and the next generation of DirectX."

    – Aaron Woodman as introduced by B. Gates

    2006 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

    Las Vegas, Nevada Jan 4, 2006

    What exactly were we to think Cartman?

  20. Li Anpu says:

    Dear Phil,

    I am flying with ths MS FS since I had my first PC seventeen years ago and have had a lot of fun with this software, that comes – in my view – with a rather modest price tag compared to what is delivered. Let us just all admit it: Being able to FLY at home with this degree of sophistication at that price is excellent value for money.

    And the simple solution to all the above issues is of course to let the geeks and framerate counters play with each new version for one year until the HW gets more affordable (or available) and the SW is debugged.

    Now two HW questions (if that is possible here…):

    – is a physics card helpful for FSX and if yes for what? Just planning for a new system.

    – is an intel quad vs a dual core helpful for FSX or do I rather spend the money on higher CPU clock speed?

    Keep up the great work! And why not talk to Real Air and improve a bit on the flight modelling? Isn’t that low hanging fruit? Or is that very difficult? I know its just good for the more serious pilots and not for every one. But if you are going into professional simulation software anyhow now, that would be a good incentive. Just flew Real Air’s FS9 taildraggers and I was amazed on how REAL they feel and fly.

    Thanks and regards!


  21. Cartman says:


    That DX9L will be really cool 😉

    When did the first Geforce8 cards arrive, when did the first really usable GF8 drivers arrive, when did the first ATI DX10 cards arrive and Vista is and was perfect…

    Come on, ACES isn’t responsible for all what MS does and MS isn’t responsible for Nvidia or ATI and so on..

    So please be realistic and don’t blame the wrong people.

    I don’t know any other DX10 Game, which shows a real benefit from DX10, like FSX now does and please consider the time that they had and the whole compatibility thing – sorry, FSXA in DX10 works on my system (except the flickering on some airports) and i don’t know what goes wrong on your system.

    I hope that there will be someday a "hotfix" which will make all perfect for FSX, but i don’t think, that ACES will get motivation for that, if they read here or in forums only negative things about their work and if people tell, that they are disabling DX10 anyway because of their "FS8/9toFSX" add-ons…

  22. olitsch says:

    I hope this DX10 stuff will be done soon. You mentioned there are 2 free upgrades, but consider that we already paid for these! DX10 was a promised feature and a service pack is just necessary if something was not correct before. I think providing the acceleration pack before the DX10 part is cheeky. So there should be an end to this tragedy very soon, we can’t talk about a happy end here. It doesn’t matter who is responsible for the latest delay, if you have been providing your i8n crew earlier with the needed data the SP would be shipped now.

    @Cartman: And BTW, what did you all expect from DX10?

    Ehm, I expect a lot of performance improvements as the  publisher told me.

  23. tcable says:

    I know that everybody is up in arms about the performance of the DX10 Preview so far, but from here it looks like DX10 is less than compelling across the board right now for any title. Everything I’ve seen says that comparing as apples/apples as you can get (Same settings graphically, same resolution, AF and AA settings) DX10 is slower every time. I was under the impression that there are rendering efficiencies contained in D3D 10 that SHOULD make the pipeline faster. Nobody is seeing it in practice right now. Maybe it’s because most titles seem to be DX10 ports right now and not ‘native’ engines. I don’t know. I’m a sysadmin, not a graphics programmer :).

    That’s not to say that I’m not going for my regular rebuild cycle in  January with a Kentsfield quad, Vista and probably a Radeon 3750. I’m still remarkable pleased with what I get out of FSX even in DX9 mode on my old Athlon 3200. I just need to understatnd the limitations. No LA or NYC for me, but I can deal with that. I’m not worried about running max sliders right now.

    However, the DX10 preview is a leaning experience for both us the community and ACES. I suspect that even they have found D3d 10 to be less than they even expected. However there are a lot of factors that they don’t control- mostly hardware and drivers. It sounds to me like DX 10.1 is needed for AA to work at all, and that’s a disappointment- and something that ACES has zero control over. They can only work within the framework that they are given.

    Since MSTS next (2?) is using the same basic engine, maybe the DX10 rendering will be more fleshed out, and will further the knowledgebase for ACES to develop and extend FS11- I’m quite confident that there WILL be a FS11 at this time, and it will have major engine changes, as it should. Supporting legacy FS2000 code is really antiquated.

    ACES is in a tough position in that they have literally 25 years of development history in this product, and there are probably bits of FSX that go back to FS98- the first FS to support hardware 3d. I personally have used MSFS since fs2 back on an 8088 PC! They have two differing client bases- the causal user that does no know or care about add ons, and the Avsim ‘hardcore’ crowd.

    However they’ve never been less than honest this go around, and really increased their accessibility to the community. I wish more had happened with the DX10 preview and FSX in general, it did not. That’s not to say that FSX is a lousy app. It’s not. I nfact it’s quite good and extremely ambitious. Sicne I cannot afford to actually rent a C172 these days, it’s the next best thing.

    Community feedback helps drive their decision making I send mail off to on a regular enough basis. Maybe it helps with design decisions for later, maybe not. At least I’m heard, and KNOW that I’m heard now.

    Again, Thanks Phil for the info that you provide. I appreciate the insight to what is going on behind the curtain. I hope to hear more in the future!

  24. Cartman says:


    You paid for a flight simulator and that’s, what you have got. The SPs didn’t only correct errors, they brought also many new features (e.g. multicore usage), so FSXA/FSXSP2 is now much more than you paid for FSX RTM (as advertised).

    You wrote: "It doesn’t matter who is responsible for the latest delay, if you have been providing your i8n crew earlier with the needed data the SP would be shipped now."

    Who are you to judge this? And Please show me where "the publisher" has told you that you can expect "a lot of performance improvements". As a FSXA owner i can tell you, that DX10 brings exactly what Phil Taylor has told us in his blog. In DX10 i can nearly max all sliders, in DX9 i have to reduce the water and shadow settings and disable bloom. In every other game you can’t really see DX10 and you will have a big performance hit.

    It’s important to use the best driver for your System (newest WHQL or newest Beta, you have to test which driver works better for you and set AA and AF to application controlled), don’t use tools like nhancer and better fly in fullscreen mode. And don’t forget to set the right display settings after you restart FSX, after the change from DX9 to DX10^^

  25. kerel says:

    Very nice to read all the posts. But an anwer is more suitable.



  26. Te_Vigo says:


    There’s nothing wrong with my system… avrge 30FPS with bloom on and traffic off, except of course the shadow problem that most have now

    DX9L (Dx9Ex) is a DX9/ DX10 hybrid if that helps

  27. yamane says:

    I have strange problem with WHITE SCREEN (~2 seconds) when I change views and go to 2D Panel and stop mouse over some botton (e.g: HDG in B738).

    The same problem when I start/hide IVaP.

    I use NVidia 8800GTS(320Mb) with last stable driver, E6750, Asus P5WDH-Deluxe, 2Gb RAM, Dx9 (last stable version) and FSX-SP1.



  28. StlKrash says:

    I think it’s quite funny that they release DX 10 for Acc. Pack but no kind of release for non Acc Pack.  Just my $.02

  29. panos95 says:


    Please release SP2 before Christmas. I have Acceleration but my friends don’t and so we can’t play multiplayer! That’s really really annoying. SP2 will solve this problem, right?


  30. olitsch says:

    @cartman: Here for example:

    The publisher tells "DirectX 10 features heavily enhanced 3-D graphics-rendering capabilities and helps noticeably improve your computer’s performance in games and high-end 3-D applications. DirectX 10 empowers games to present a new generation of visual effects, and deliver more visual detail per frame than ever before."

    I did not want to blame Phil Taylor for that personally (I hope he is not the FSX project manager, if so, perhaps I should!)But I am able to say that something in general must be wrong when a software package is delayed that long. And that is, in this case, the order of priority.

    I’m disappointed by that order of priority that’s all.

    As there is somebody responsible for this order, that’s the person who to blame, that may be some manager who hasn’t ever seen FSX, but the latest sales reports 😉

  31. steveyb says:

    I suggest you all take a look at CRYSIS.. it makes FSX look like a cartoon. It truely demonstates what can be done with DX10. I have played it for the past couple of weeks while waiting for various flightsim releases! Absolute seamless performace and you have see it to believe it, you feel nausia,whilst playing it"s that realistic, it does not matter how intensive the game gets, it does not effect performance……

  32. steveyb says:

    Call me a bit thick , but I have installed the Acceleration pack, does this mean the whole game is now DX10 functional, or is it just the missions that came with the pack..(preview) am I now waiting for the complete patch (sp2) to make the whole game "come alive" via full DX10 functionality.

      I read all these posts and still it seems vage.. it seems all a bit of a carry-on to me…

  33. Cartman says:


    Please buy Crysis, because they tell you, that they use DX10 perfect and multi-cores and 64bit. The funny thing is, you can enable the same graphics quality for Crysis without DX10 and without a 64bit OS/CPU on WinXP32. Better don’t trust advertisement.

    Only FSX is different, because you can really see the improvements by DX10 and that with the same or even with better FPS like with DX9, so they aren’t totally wrong with their advertisement. Phil has explained everything here and you will get exactly, what he has written. I can’t understand why complaining people like you are trying to save money with the SP2, because there is no other genuine FSX add-on on the market, which offers so much like the XPack does. I’m happy with the priorities 🙂

  34. mtoohill says:

    Umm, Cartman, you’re criticizing Crysis because you can play it without DX10?  What kind of hollow argument is that?  Of course you can play it without DX10, but should you have DX10/Vista, then you get full DX10.  And you get DX10 without having to buy an add-on pack. YOu also get DX10 with Call of Juarez and World in Conflict.  And neither of those require an add-on pack.

    Geez Cartman, no offense, seriously, but you’re sounding like a flack for MS/ACES.  

  35. Cartman says:


    Thanks for the compliment, but please be honest and don’t try to turn my words around. I think MS wouldn’t like it to read what i wrote about Crysis and i don’t write on someone’s behalf, i’m only sick of the hype about Crysis.

    I don’t criticize Crysis because it can be played without DX10 lol My english is bad, but i think you should be able to understand what i meant. I criticize that there is no real benefit of DX10 in Crysis – and they had more time than ACES. Call of Juarez was a DX9 game and you need also a update (like SP2 for FSX) to get the DX10 mode and i’m sure that those people who liked Call of Jaurez would have bought also an expansion pack 🙂

  36. mtoohill says:

    Cartman, if I misunderstood you, my apologies.  

    Here’s my bottom line: I paid for a DX10 game, and it still ain’t happening almost a year later.  In the meantime, other DX10 games are rolling out.  

  37. Cartman says:


    if MS had released FSX later… 😉

    You are ignoring the fact of the lack of available DX10 cards and drivers at the release of FSX. And do the other DX10 games suffer from backwards compatibility?

    If you want DX10 in FSX now, buy the XPack. It’s only your decision. You think it is clever to save money and don’t buy the XPack, ok, then wait, but please don’t ignore the facts and the reasons for the delay of SP2. You can play your fantastic DX10 games, until SP2 will be available for you 🙂

  38. StlKrash says:

    Dec 04 2007

    Still no DX10.  I am not blaming P Taylor.  But who else do we ask.  At the very least M$ and Dollar Bill should IMHO release an explaination, after all we all need some throne reading…. Again thanks to P Taylor and his efforts.  But M$ is really starting to nerve me after over a decade of LOYAL support.  If they need help let the community know, I’m sure htere’s droves of simmers willing to lend a hand where they can.  Happy Holidays to all.

  39. Phil Taylor says:


    The only commitment we have made wrt SP2 is "fall 07" and "before Christmas" so we have a few weeks left.

    The DX10 in Acceleration is the same as the DX10 that will be in SP2 and works in both missions and freeflight.

  40. ecsmith62 says:

    Phil, just ran across your blog — thanks very much for providing this information source.

    Can you tell me if there will be an updated version of the SDK to go with Service Pack 2, and please please tell me that it will include a Gamespy ID variable.

    I am working on a online mapping program for one of the major FSX Multiplayer servers and I have not been able to get the Gamespy ID using the SDK.  I know that some other server developers (FS-MP.COM) have gotten access to the user id, but I assume they are going out of the SDK (and FSUIPC for that matter) to get it.


    Evan Smith

  41. golfromeowhisky says:

    "Yes, we are a business but I dont believe when we are on track to deliver 2 free upgrades this year in addition to the great value in the expansion pack that we have anything to apologize for."

    Phil, I admire and appreciate all you are doing in liaising with us.  It’s pretty much unprecendented as far as I know. Trouble is it creates EXPECTATIONS when the detail gets too much detail.  And now you have been forced, probably in desparation, to make the above statement.

    I’m sorry Phil but, of course Microsoft needs to apologise.  They have to stop using their USERS as PAYING Beta Testers.  The pitty is, they have made you or, you have chosen to be the "bunny".   If you don’t know what that means come out to OZ and ‘get the drift’.

    Please EVERYBODY, back-off, and lets get a nice FS10.  SP1 served to convince me to DELETE FS2004 from my hard drive. My point is that the drama in between SHOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED.  Since when should a consumer be apologising for what happened with the FSX release.

    Regrettably, I got a ‘rumble’ form a certain Sim Expo that FS10 is dead …. lets get on with FS11 ???

  42. StlKrash says:

    Please dont get me wrong, I am not bashing P Taylor in any way.  I just want to see FSX fixed.  And what ever happened to the CFS series.  They left all of us hard core CFS’ers out in the cold to kick rocks. Then CFS3 which wasn’t great (My Opinion), maybe a little ahead of it’s time.  FSX doesn’t need to end up like that.  It would be neat to see M$ come up with a common shape lib. for MS Train X and Ship Sim and the Flight sim.  The sim world would go NUTS. Add a combat switch for those that want to use it and they couldn’t print the DVD’s fast enough.  Just thoughts while on a break from the grind.

  43. ronshani says:


    I have 2 installations of fsx on 2 separate computers (I kept it running on the old one and started with the new one). Here is my experience:

    Computer 1 (old) – Pentium-4 3.0GHz 2GB Ram, Nvidia 6800 512MB Ram. Running Vista Ultimate, FSX+SP1+Acceleration. All drivers are up-to-date. All windows updates installed. As for FSX – it is running very well, off course – no DX10 as per older video card.

    Computer 2 (new monster) – Intel-Quad Q6600, 2GB Ram, Nvidia 880GTS 640MB Ram. Running Vista Ultimate, FSX+SP1+SP2. All drivers are up-to-date. All windows updates installed. As for FSX – it is running very well in DX10 preview mode – but only in some areas.

    Flying over europe, hungary, austria, vienna and so is excelent, no crashes. Flying over my own photo-real scenery of the dead-sea ( is super with framerate of over 100 now (around 50 without SP2).

    But flying over other regions of Israel, where I use some older fs2004 sceneries, crash fsx after few minutes, sometimes seconds. I use FSX with max settings. There was no problem in this area with FSX+SP1. Only DX10 made the crash.

    So, if I compare the 2 computers and installations, I think that the problem is with the DX10 preview. I use latest Nvidia drivers. Maybe you should talk with Nvidia, so that they will setup a PC with FSX and see themself what is wrong?

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