Great Tool for AI carriers when using Acceleration

This package,, uses the same carriers that FSX Acceleration uses. It allows you to place them ( or a fleet ) where ever you like. Note the cruisers and destroyers have hard decks, which I believe means you can land a helo on them!

Another package by the same author,, allows placement of the FSX carriers in 20 different locations with their routes shown via an included Google Earth KML file.

And on the authors ( lco277 ) web site ( ) you can find his "AI Boat Utility" that lets you create your own moving fleets anywhere you wish and define their sailing routes with Google Earth.

Very nice!

Comments (7)

  1. gwolb says:

    This sounds cool, thanks for the link.

  2. jerm138 says:

    Thank you… that’s a real nice tool!

    Do you know any way to place a functional (catapults, cables, etc.) aircraft carrier like the one in the FSX Acceleration missions?

    I installed the Acceleration SDK hoping that the functional carrier would be one of the selectable scenery objects, but couldn’t find it.

    It would be nice to be able to place a functional carrier somewhere as static scenery so that it will show up on the instant replay… great for making videos, or just watching a sweet carrier landing.

  3. tcable says:

    COol stuff. I saw the thread on avsim, but it’s great that you repost it here.

    BTW, thanks for all of the ‘insider’ info on FSX. Can’t wait to see the future (FS11 and onward!)

    Maybe we’ll be able to run ‘max sliders’ by then! 🙂

  4. terry29 says:

    Hi Phil

    Great tool, great pack, missions and aiplanes.

    Its a pity though I cant use it properly, since I get a lot of crashes, when I get between the different views and when I try to open the menus during a flight.The framerates are fine.Never had any problem before, especially with sp1.I’ve read that its a possible problem with 7XXX series of nvidia cards.I have 7600gs sli.

    I would like to ask you if you have any news about fixing this problem or if you are going to have a fix patch for that?

    Thank you

  5. jerm138 says:


    I had the exact same problem as you with crashes… 2 days ago, I swapped my video card out with an 8500gt and the problems stopped.  So, I’m pretty sure it is a problem with the 7-series cards.

    Nvidia just posted new drivers a couple days ago.  Try them to see if it helps.

  6. terry29 says:

    Thanks Jerm38

    I will probably change my cards for a 8XXX series card but its a shame that I will have to give extra money for using FSX acceleration properly.

    I’ve tried the new drivers but the same things happened.

  7. ruprecht says:

    In answer to jerm138, if you use the AI Boat Utility to place scheduled carriers on a route, they appear in replays (but not in multiplayer).  Good for filming.

    AICarriers2 (actually AICarriers2r2 now) is a great package, but the ships don’t appear in multiplayer (well, only for the player who placed them).

    For that matter, even the scheduled ship traffic carriers (e.g. at Norfolk) don’t appear in multiplayer.  

    And you can’t fly the carrier practice mission in multiplayer!  

    Is there any way to do multiplayer carrier ops?

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