Maybe old news, but Windows Vista SP1 Beta is available for download


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  1. Suma says:

    It seems to me the blog is only disussing experiences with a private beta?

    (And no, I was unable to find any download link anywhere in it).



  2. Phil Taylor says:

    actually, you are correct its only available internally. sorrry about that.

  3. jazzselect says:

    I am a betaman, and must say Vista will solve some issues with this. But I’m still reporting som bugs:(

  4. Cartman says:


    will SP1 for Vista solve the memory issues with FSX?

    Personally, i think the add-ons are the problem, but a major add-on publisher is adviceing XP instead of Vista for what they call "complex" add-ons.

    I’m also a little bit confused about Acceleration and SP2. I thought Acceleration contains SP2 and if i install Acceleration, i don’t need SP2.

    But now i read Acceleration will bring only rudimentary DX10 support and SP2 will bring fixes for Acceleration too.

    Thank you very much!

  5. Phil Taylor says:


    If you buy Acceleration, you do not need the free SP2 download available later.

    There are no new fixes in SP2, what is in Acceleration from a fix standpoint is what is in SP2.

    I spelled out the DX10 features and the fact we labeled it a "Preview" in my blog posting on SP2, I dont know how to be clearer than that.

  6. Cartman says:


    thank you for your fast reply!

    My confusion was not caused by your blog, it was caused by a XPack presentation – your (MS) game managers should read your blog 😉

  7. nshahzad says:

    SP2 was terrible. Under my dx10 machine (a high end one) I saw a net decrease in performance under all my tests. And all 3rd party aircraft, etc, their textures (inside and out) all show up as white. I’ll take screenshots.

    I hope there is a patch or something, because the game was perfectly playable before, now I have to run it under dx9, with performance loss. Under dx10, there is still loss, but textures do not show up and it crashes every 5/10 minutes.

  8. eman737 says:

    hey phil im just wondering

    is the sp2 coming out this month?

  9. Phil Taylor says:


    All I can say is sometime between now and Christmas.

  10. yamane says:

    I really don’t understand MS. If SP2 is ready, why MS leave your consumers with knowledge problems?????????

    SERVICE PACK is to fix bugs, but no… Microsoft says:

    – Wait, first we need make money with Acceleration Pack, because this name sounds like ‘it accelerate your fsx’ (but real is: this pack have Red Bull Air Racer), and after we available SP2 and we can say ‘now you need MS Vista’ because FSX-SP2 is ready to Dx10, and we can make money again.



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