Game Engine Design, Design Goals, and Choices

There was a recent thread about game engines trying to compare them on And I thought I would collect some of the thoughts here, clean it up, and re-publish it.   Lets talk about the terrain, some ( but not all ) of the objects in the world, night lighting, and AI. There are…


3 Transparency Fixes for older content with issues in Acceleration/SP2

Fix 1: Replace wonky texture with a modified grayscale alpha from “Stoopy” in this thread: and I quote: So anyway I just did it the old-fashioned way and replaced the alpha layer with a normal dark-gray bitmap and voila… are transparent and also have just a fine layer of grime if you look closely….


DevCon Topics

DevCon is fast approaching us. And yes, I am speaking as well as attending. So if you want 1-1 time, come on down. The two topics I will be responsible for are: 1)Day 2 ( Thursday ) Customer Engagement:Striking the Right Balance 2)Day 3 ( Friday ) Panel Roundtable on Improving our Beta Testing Process…


FSX-SP2(DX10) delay factors

This has come up multiple times, including in the comments of the SP2 post, so I want to cover why there is a time delay from when Acceleration will be available and until the download for SP2 will be availble. Yes, there is a reason for the delay, even if bits for SP2 are done. Just because…


FSX-DX10 Info

Sebby makes a nice post about the DX10 VC shadow feature with a video, here


Acceleration and SP2

Overview   Acceleration has RTM’ed. Acceleration Pack contains the SP2 fixes; including both DX9 and DX10 work. Acceleration Pack looks really good, and for the $30 US list price there is a lot of value with 3 aircraft (F-18 jet, P-51 racer, EH101 helo), along with 30+ missions and several new “sim” features like a…