FSX-SP2 Details post should be

next Monday or Tuesday.

just to set expectations. I was hoping for this Friday, but that is not going to be possible.

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  1. gwolb says:

    Thanks for the update, cant wait to hear all the details.

  2. jazzselect says:

    for the release? -or for more info?

  3. Phil Taylor says:

    details post == more info.

  4. Mag007 says:

    Does the delay meen there will be a delay in the release date?

  5. Lith1um says:

    Sp2 will released after the expansion pack.

    So no use worrying too much about sp2 until you see the expansion pack has been released.

    On a positive note, the xpack will include the sp2 updates. If you install the xpack you are not required to install sp2 as you will already have it.

  6. Mag007 says:

    So if you buy the expansion pack you will have DX10 (if you’ve got the right graphics card) and you don’t have to wait until SP2?

  7. EC-TLG says:

    Does it will fix the FSX performances with high-end computers?

  8. Lith1um says:

    If you buy the xpack you will have SP2, so you will have DX10 immediately. Furthermore there will be no need to install sp2 when it’s released because the sp2 content is already in the xpack.

    This info was posted by Phil in AVsims forum. Im just repeating it to give Phil a break.


  9. Ian McPhail says:

    I’ve tried to follow the post in AVSIM but I am still confused.

    If I buy Acceleration will I get SP2 and the DX10 patch?

    And when can Acceleration be expected, when will its launch date be announced? Not a definite maybe – the real date, when will this be.

    And if I don’t buy Acceleration how long after that has been released can I expect a standalone SP2/DX10 patch?

  10. flightsimenthusiast101 says:

    No news until Today, so I think this is no good news for the news post…. When, when does it come?

  11. omegalfa says:

    Hi Phil!

    We thank you for the hard work you and your team are having because of some fanatic people (us, more than 100.000)!

    About SP2, I have a request, if possible of course…

    It’s about the "ban list", can you had a feature to ban and/or kick someone directly from the session (like using the chat and ban the name) without exit or close the session when you are hosting.

    Thank you very much!

  12. Miguel Nunes says:

    Does this update come with windows vista auto updates or I have to do it manually?

  13. flightsimenthusiast101 says:

    Hy Phil you said that you’ll post today about the dx10 features… but you didn’t write a word here, until now… so my question is: is the post again delayed?

    Sorry about my impatitence but I can’t wait any longer… so please give us a sign Phil!!!

  14. boxel says:

    Well it’s Tuesday. Iv been watching my rss feed for the update. I’m eager to hear some detailed news on the progress. Hopefully lots of details;)

  15. Aberforth says:

    SP2 will prolly look like this i guess?: http://www.flickr.com/photo_zoom.gne?id=221740180&size=o

    I have very high expectations on this release..waiting for the update 🙂

  16. Scousefox9 says:

    The only thing less likely than that happening, is SP2 being released any time soon 😉

  17. Aeromar27 says:

    Another thing not likely to happen is the report seeing the light today. Im sorry Phil. I guess u are a superb team of programmers but looks like u have a hard time with deadline commitment.

    Shouldn’t u have started DX10 research and development before it came out? After all it’s Microsoft. Other non MS games posted screenies even before FSX came out (in dx9).

    You are taking as long as for delivering a whole new game imho. It has been a year since it came out. DX10 has been out for about 8 months now as well.

    Im not pushing u and dont mean to be disrespectful in any way, please dont misunderstand this. But I guess we do have some reasons to be dissappointed.

  18. Lith1um says:

    That’s it Phil, you leave me no choice.

    I will kill one kitten every 20 minutes until you make your post.

    Just kiddin’, think I’ll go outside for a while.

  19. drtomkat says:

    is this a prank? or is a post suppose to be coming today?.

  20. marcin says:

    I`m living in europe , so I`m sure that after wake up , the post will be ready 🙂

    Phil hurry up … only few hours until end of promise Tuesday :)))

    brds for all of you and don`t make your expectiations too much :))

  21. Jim0033 says:

    Um…. the delayed post is delayed?

  22. blueflamer says:

    I don’t know whats worse, waiting for an update from Phil or waiting for an update from Joel (SB dude)!!

  23. drtomkat says:

    according to simviation the expantion pack is coming on tuesday octuber 23, yet another tuesday.

  24. Ian McPhail says:

    Yes the expansion pack is announced – does this mean that if I buy Acceleration I get the SP2/DX10 patch as part of the whole thing??

    If I don’t buy it, when could I expect to be able to download a standalone SP2/DX10 patch?

    Being a little cynical I suspect to get the patch early, I will be buying Acceleration whenever it arrives in Australia!

  25. simmerwithmoney2burn says:

    In Phil’s defense, he and his team aren’t required to communicate anything to us.  I for one appreciate any tidbits of info they provide, rather than waiting for years (like many other software titles out there have provided for) to hear anything.  And yes, I too am bummed when a "promise" is made to report something new, but come on…give these guys a break.   Just my opinion…

  26. gwolb says:

    yea, any news is always good news.  

  27. juraj_bond says:

    Jeez :-).

    Gentlemen (and ladies), just take it easy.

    As far as I know, the Acceleration is due out in about 3 weeks, and it will contain the SP2-DX10 in its entirety. So even if Phil doesn’t post anything, I am sure most of you will have plenty of opportunities to evaluate the SP2 by yourselves.

    As noted before, Phil said "should", not "will".

    So in the meanwhile, go out, enjoy life, it’s not all about flightsimming. I am sure that at most of the places you guys happen to occupy some nice beer can be found within a C172 range.

    That post will very likely come sooner or later. Just don’t let yourself be dragged in into this unintentional little psychological warfare :-).


    (PS I just got my FSX rig yesterday evening, so I must say that post would be welcome even by me 🙂 ).

  28. Aberforth says:

    i’m still waiting… but in the mean time do you:

    you know aristotle once said ‘e zoee ine ena agouree,e gineka ene tho pothilato’ ?


  29. terry29 says:

    Yeah of course they are not obligated to give us any info, and any info they give is well appreciated.But when a deadline is given (to us -the customers of this product)we expect that we can rely on this (its all a matter of trust).Its better not to give any deadline than to give a deadline which is not going to be kept, and even when certain unexpected things can come during a project and an extension of time will be needed a tiny post to show that you respect your customers is not such a big thing.

  30. wedge says:

    yeah well I guess some delays can be expected, and I’m quite sure we’ll have news soon enough from the team.

    AS for the above things on the SP2 included in the Expansion Pack, I’m quite sure it is not the case, as the Acceleration Pack is gold, it means they’ll start to make the box stuff, and the CD or DVDs. I also don’t rememebr reading anywhere that the Acceleration Pack would include it.

    I think the SP2 development is completely different from the expension, that "only" adds new missions and stuff on FSX.

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