FSX-SP2 details post is delayed

We are still hard at work trying to get things finished, and I need to wait until the dust settles to assess things and make an accurate post.

End of next week or early the week after is looking like the earliest I will have solid data. If its going to be much longer than that, I will post again to say so.

I appreciate your patience during this delay.

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  1. antonism96 says:

    Oh, I’m sorry for this, but no matter, better spend your time to do your great work instead of spending it for posts.

    We’ll wait as long as you need for your next post, better late, instead of never.

  2. MauiHawk says:

    Thanks for the update, looking forward to the post.  I assume you will also update us at that time if SP2 has been pushed back at all?

  3. Phil Taylor says:


    Dates might require a subsequent post, the one I am referring to here is feature level details.

  4. yamane says:

    … and please, check if is possible available SP2 as torrent file, because current server is very slow!

    I get SP1 with 12Kbytes/sec (96kbps), but my connection is 1Mbps.



  5. Lith1um says:


    I wonder if you could comment at this time regarding the installation requirements for SP2. Specificaly, will it require a virgin fsx install or can it be installed on top of an unmodified SP1 install?

    I just reinstalled windows/fsx and I’m trying to figure out how to proceed as I will most likely hold off installing all my payware and freeware. I’m trying to figure out my backup strategy.

    Thank You and keep up the good work,


  6. Phil Taylor says:

    SP2 will require SP1 to be installed.

    In general, the same rules for add-ons will apply; while its safest to install SP2 with add-ons removed ( especially add-ons that are code like FSUIPC ) you can certainly set a restore point, try installing without removing, and if that fails go back to the restore point and then remove your add-ons.

  7. Lith1um says:

    That’s good news, I’m off to install SP1.

    Thanks Man!

  8. DavidVDH says:

    Hi Phil, I saw the video of FSX on 8 cores, but what is the performance gain in framerate from 2 to 4 and from 4 to 8 cores? I guess it is a logarithmic curve because the video-card becomes the bottleneck. I also think that multicore is less important in DX10 than in DX9?

  9. Aberforth says:

    So where is the news on SP2? At least post couple (or more) of screenshots, i’d like to see how cool it looks.

  10. Thad says:


    I’m with Aberforth on this one. Oct. is nearly upon us and still no info on the, long awaited, DX10 features. I know you guys are working hard but maybe you could throw us a bone or screenshot(s) in this case.

    Anxiously waiting…


  11. flightsimenthusiast101 says:

    I can’t wait anymore, Phil… where is or when comes your promised dx10 features post?



  12. DavidVDH says:

    Be patient guys. The most important is that the product is finished instead of working for years with an unfinished service pack because you couldn’t wait one week more. 🙂

  13. Jim Knows says:

    Start flying real planes, you won’t find the wait for anything from FSX very long.

    Jim Knows

  14. simmerwithmoney2burn says:

    …."early the week after"….

    That’s all I got to say about that,

    Quote:  Forrest Gump

  15. Ian McPhail says:

    Its now the week after the week after.  Please, pretty please!

  16. flightsimenthusiast101 says:

    Hy Phil,

    it’s time to spill,

    the beans,

    and you know what that means,

    please give us the features info,

    because you are the greatest sim-pro!

    from an amateur poet 🙂


  17. omegalfa says:

    Hi Phil!

    We thank you for the hard work you and your team are having because of some fanatic people (us, more than 100.000)!

    About SP2, I have a request, if possible of course…

    It’s about the "ban list", can you had a feature to ban and/or kick someone directly from the session (like using the chat and ban the name) without exit or close the session when you are hosting.

    Thank you very much!

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