Vista Appcompat update for FSX

The KB located at

contains an application compatibility update for Vista that include changes for FSX that enable us to fix the disabling of Aero when you launch FSX on Vista.

This came out earlier this year, but I wasn't aware of anything that would make me recommend it. Now I do :--), as that is one of the few issues we are considering fixing in the FSX-DX10 release outside of adding Direct3D10 support. Edit:that doesnt mean we will, just that it is under consideration and this download will be a pre-req.

I highly suggest downloading this update:

DownloadDownload the Windows Vista Application Compatibility Update for 32-bit editions of Windows Vista package now.

Comments (6)

  1. SvenGroot says:

    It may be worth noting that this was pushed on Windows Update as an important update so everyone who has automatic updates turned on will already have that update.

  2. panos95 says:

    Thanks for that but when I try to install it it says that it does not apply to my system. How do I fix that?

  3. Phil Taylor says:


    see Sven’s comment, you may already have it.

  4. bobby_macnair says:

    mmm still hasnt fixed the issue with FSX disabling aero…

    I got the same error as panos when running the update, but im sure i must have got the update in Windows Update earlier this month.

  5. Phil Taylor says:


    you misread me. this patch gives us the opportunity to do so in the future. we may or may not take advantage of it, but without it it will be very hard to do so.

  6. panos95 says:

    Unfortunately it wasn’t installed with Windows Update

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