This blog is not Support!

This blog is not product support.

I cannot take support questions on configs, bug reports, etc. I just cannot do it.

Right now, I am publishing those comments and stating so. I am doing that because I know SP1 is still "hot off the presses" and people are eager. But I cannot answer all of those, so I am not even going to try. But I am replying saying so, at least for the time being.

If the volume persists I am going to have to stop publishing them even with a minimal reply. So please stop asking.

The proper place to send bug reports is via the feedback link on or to

As far as support questions, the best place to find answers is 1)the manual,2)enthusiast forums, 3)try it.

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  1. tokyocrow says:

    "As far as support questions, the best place to find answers is 1)the manual,2)enthusiast forums, 3)try it."….

    What a copout. People pay money for this software and hence pay your salary.  They expect support.  Perhaps you’re too wound up in yourself to forget that point – but you should sit back and remember it.  Though I also live in a high and mighty place I at least don’t (and don’t let my developers) forget where we came from and what got us where we are.   And perhaps you can easily delete this comment, however having done so at least I know I’ve seen my message through delivery.

  2. Phil Taylor says:


    I am a program manager who defines and drives projects, like SP1 and DX10.  

    There is a defined support channel that purchasers of FSX get to use. You can call or use the web site.

    I am not support and not part of that channel, and practically speaking, I cannot answer any and all questions as I would never do my day job.

    Questions about projects or about technology, I do try to answer as many of those as possible.

    And as people stray out of the areas I will engage in, I try to explain why.

    I am not trying to hide, just being up-front and practical about what I will and will not do.

    I apologize if you dont think thats fair, but it is what it is.

  3. jerm138 says:

    This is why people like Phil are so rare in this industry…

    He went out of his way to be a point of contact with SP1 Development instead of keeping us in the dark.  Not only did he keep us posted, and keep honest with us… he even replied to several questions.

    And what’s his reward?  A bunch of snide comments.  While the negative comments are not the norm, they’re certainly still uncalled for.

    I was also getting sick of all the “tech support” questions.  People were abusing the fact that they had a point of contact, directly from the developer, that they could ask questions of… they got lazy… and instead of seeking out answers on their own, they expected him to answer all of their questions.  The answers to most of these questions are easily found in forums of popular sim websites.  Ever heard of Google?  Show me any major software company whose developer will personally answer every single tech support question… it doesn’t exist, so why should you expect it here?

    Some of the questions were just annoying.  I’m probably going to anger a few people, but here goes:

    “My biggest question is resolution.  I can and have had it set for 1440:900, but should I set it lower?  Will it improve the performance of the game?”

    Do you seriously need to ask that?  Even if you (somehow) didn’t know that lower resolutions improve framerates… couldn’t you have just TRIED it?  Trying it would have been quicker than typing a question in the blog and waiting for an answer.

    “Then Phil do you mind explaining why do I have a better performance without the SP1 than when I intall .  I reintalled the FSX clean no tweak and when I apply the patch the FSX is worst can you explained that.”

    You act like he’s on trial!  I wouldn’t have answered that one either.  If you get better performance without SP1, then DON’T USE IT!!!  Problem solved.

    I have been following this blog for several months now, and some of the comments here represent the dumbing-down of our society, and it’s frankly quite embarrassing to know that this is the mindset of so many simmers.

  4. ctcrash says:

    I’m with Phil on the whole support thing.  One man can’t support the entire user community, especially since it is not his job.  I would much rather than he focus his time on  DX10 and other improvements to the product.

    Phil, thanks for all the informations so far.  I find your blog to be very informative and I am eagerly awaiting more posts.

  5. Hoodoo says:

    Sorry, Have you ever tried to get FSX support outside of US? It does not happen or succeed.

  6. Phil Taylor says:


    that is not something I can personally fix.

  7. svet-am says:

    I understand that this is not the proper forum for support for FSX as a game.  What is the proper medium for asking questions about the SDK?  I’m planning a project that will interface FSX with the Logitech G15 gaming keyboard and need to know the extend of information that I can extract from the simulation.

    Specifically, I need to know if I can access: gear status (raised, extended), flaps status, throttle status, heading, VOR frequencies, etc.

  8. virtualpilot88 says:

    “The proper place to send bug reports is via the feedback link on or to”

    I have sent a fair number of email’s and feedback forms about various bugs however I feel I’m just being ignored there. There really does not seem to be any good bug reporting possibilities. Having said that SP1 seems to be a great improvement, although I have noticed a few problems, but I still need to get the settings rite.

  9. Hoodoo says:

    I believe if you ask for money for a product you should make an effort to provide reasonable honest support, not just a runaround.

    I thought venting was not allowed here either?

  10. Phil Taylor says:


    you are being polite, and I am trying to be honest. so I am publishing your comments but that doesnt mean I can offer support.

  11. tokyocrow says:

    To be honest your original post (and my reply) we’re a bit too emotive and sounded like rants to others I’m sure.  

    The reason it feels like a runaround to me maybe is from what I’d seen on where you’ve offered this:


    "Performance and Support" is the FSInsider section devoted to FSX performance and various core systems issues like activation, how other Microsoft updates affect Flight Simulator X, and more.

    FSX is a demanding application, and needs high-end hardware to really shine. But with some judicious choices, even average hardware can run FSX and provide a good experience.

    In this section I’ll provide the latest information about performance and support, I’ll hunt down what the community is doing along these lines, and I’ll let you know what I fiind out.

    Stay tuned!


    <end quote>

    Then on the performance and support splash page there are prominent links to this blog.

    Perhaps from this some get the impression you’ve offered support. Maybe you should revise your comments / links on fsinsider’s support page and just point people to the official support page (which eventually I’d found after a hunt on .  

    IMHO if you’re not part of "the support channel" than you shouldn’t swim in it -:)

  12. risa2000 says:


    This is kind of hot topic for me too. Actually I am with you on your stance to these requests. On the other hand, it may help to you, as program manager of the product, to see why people are trying to get support this way.

    I believe, one thing is that you are really responsive :). Yes, I also did not know where to send bug report and got from you once reply (in comments to other of your posts) to use tell_fs@… email. In fact I was aware of this email before I asked on your blog, but somehow did not connect it to support stuff (I thought it was meant for getting feedback about fsinsider website).

    Nevertheless, after that clarification I used that email address and reported two issues I face (both were there before and after SP1). Then I realized that my report was on one side quite descriptive about the bug, but completely vague about the system configuration and environment (I know, having been developer in the past). I thought someone (if there is someone) would have to ask about these details (unless it was easily reproducible which I doubt, since then, everyone will be raving about that).

    So I have provided feedback, but I do not have any further update on this – was it confirmed as a bug? was it reproduced? do you need more input? or was it not a bug?

    If there will be some kind of forum or database where everyone could see his reported issues or just comments, where clarification of issues and feedback could be tracked, or eventually search for them so it is not reported twice. This might help a lot to both sides. Helping you to collect feedback in more organized way (and probably also avoid duplicity) and to reporters by giving them progress and resolution update. Sometimes even more experienced user may step in with help

    You are clearly not in the position to substitute for this forum on your blog, but are you in the position so you can make such a forum happen?

    On the side note, few years ago, when I was in development I remember there was very good support forum on MS NNTP for WinDbg, attended (and answered!) directly by people working on this product. I believe something similar for FS could do the trick as well ;).

  13. sclincoln says:

    I’m sure many of us do appreciate that your posting here is not an official part of your job.  Many of the other developers have stopped or nearly stopped blogging, so you’re drawing a crowd now and you’ve also ended up being the lightning rod for most of the criticism.  When things aren’t working out for people, they want to find someone they feel is responsible and vent on them.  I, for one, really appreciate the postings for keeping us informed and helping people try to work around some of the more common problems.  

    I do have a very quick question however, that does fall into the category of technology that you said you were willing to answer (when you have time) and I think may be of interest to many.  I’m currently building a new system with FSX being the driving force.  I’m torn between the E6700 and the Q6600 which I can get for almost the same price.  So my question is:  with SP1, is  the threading significant enough to make it worthwhile to choose a slower quad-core over a faster dual-core or is a dual-core sufficient so that as long as I have at least 2 cores, I should be primarily concerned with the speed?  Or more generically, what settings would I be able to crank up with a faster CPU and what could I crank up with more than 2 cores?

  14. Phil Taylor says:


    there is a difference between offering "support" type information via a "push" web site and full-blown support for every question.

    this is just a blog. is that so hard to get?

  15. Phil Taylor says:


    you have some good suggestions in there, Aces can definitely learn from what DevDiv has been doing with the Ladybug system to improve visibility to the community.

    its going to be FS11 at the earliest for us to implement something like that, but its a good request. thanks!

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