Deleted the imminent post

It got in the way of the flow of the SP1 data.

I hope no one minds. I saved it just in case, but it seems redundant anyways.

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  1. Aberforth says:

    Phil, SP1 runs great- amazing performance boost but sometimes i notice blurries which is quite random. Anyway can you give us some info on DX 10 update- How is it coming? Is it a major graphics update? Will there be volumetric clouds, HDR and advanced water?


  2. CaptDaadood says:

    Phil the patch is no good at all is the sim work faster without the patch than with it. Sorry but I dont have no idea what the beta tester are suppose to do, if the report things you certainly did not fix.  I have 2 to 4 frame less in KMIA with SP1 than I have without the sp1.  very disappointed.

  3. gdjaime says:

    Phill, hi again fom Brazil.

    First of all I would like to say that I´m very satisfied with SP1. Thank you all again.

    Second, I would like to report that the “out of memory” issue still happens once a while. (E6400 2GB DDR2/800 Geforce 8800gTS 640MB)

    Maybe this issue could be considered when working on DX10 Service Pack.

    Best Regards, Guilherme Jaime.

    Rio de Janeiro – Brasil.

  4. Phil Taylor says:


    Sorry to hear that, but with so many others reporting success this is a strange result.

  5. Phil Taylor says:


    DX10 news will hit my blog next month.

  6. Phil Taylor says:


    DX10 may help with efficiency gain to cut down the out of memory issue, but dropping the sliders down a tick can also help with that.

  7. carrotroot says:

    The graphics around the airports are much improved on my laptop’s Intel 915 Graphics card. Also the game performs much better too. Looking forward to DX10 later this year!