FSX SP1:Preparing to Install

Setting up for SP1


SP1 needs a pristine RTM.


That includes no add-ons. Many 3rd party add-ons can cause crashes, especially if they load dlls. In that case they will likely need to be refreshed.


If you really don’t want to do this, then perhaps you can consider running FSX from the command line using


>fsx /ManualLoad


This provides a dialog for every dll or xml exe that gets loaded so you track down who is the offender if there is an issue.


However, most people don’t know how to run FSX from the command line, thus it’s safest to uninstall all add-ons.


If you have performed any file modification tweaks, you will need to uninstall or repair RTM.


Then install SP1.


Then start installing your add-ons 1 by 1.



Uninstalling RTM deletes ALL content of -
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\FSX
C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\Microsoft\FSX

That is EVERY subfolder & file in that branch.

If you don't back up and save, you will loose config files, flights, logbook, and rewards.

Two files to consider saving:

Logbook.bin &


FSInsider.com will have an article live that discusses the uninstall scenario in more depth, please take the time to read it.

Comments (11)

  1. Overnight Microsoft released Flight Simulator X Service Pack 1 . I am certain that this will address

  2. MadBoris says:


    The photo scenery update is no longer needed i assume.  When reinstalling RTM, I can go straight to patch and skip the photo scenery update?

  3. Phil Taylor says:


    correct the scenery patch is no longer required, it is built into SP1

  4. egore says:

    Hello Phil. Thanks to you and your team for what sounds like a job well done. I haven’t been able to experience the update yet. I am plauged by Fatal Errors.

    My question is when you say a pristine RTM install, should FSX be run at least once (build indexes) before installing the SP? Or, should it be installed immediately following a clean install (FSX never been run)?

    Also, does a repair return the program to it’s initial state as if it were a clean installation? If so, that would be easier then uninstalling and re-installing. Thanks much!

  5. egore says:

    Hello. Thanks for the SP. Sounds like many people are having great success with it. I however, am NOT. Plagued by FATAL ERRORs and crashing FSX.

    Please specify a detailed install process. I have read this post, but I am unsure if after reinstalling FSX should it be run once before installing the SP? Should it be activated before SP? Also, after reinstalling FSX and the SP, there is no [JOBSCHEDULER] entry in the .cfg file?! I am running a dual core Opteron CPU. Should that not create an entry in the cfg? Also, when manually entering this info and saving the .cfg and running FSX, when checking the .cfg again, the jobscheduler entry has been removed!

    I don’t think SP1 correctly installed, or it may not recognize my CPU?? Any thoughts/help? Thank you!

  6. Phil Taylor says:


    if you tried to install on top of an existing installation that had changes, and you had fatal errors – then I think the only thing you can try is to do a full uninstall, followed by a full install.

    after I uninstalled everything, then I would install RTM and run it once to build indices and validate it installed correctly. Once you validated RTM then I would install SP1.

  7. Phil Taylor says:


    see my previous reply

  8. egore says:

    Sorry about the ‘double post’ earlier. I guess I wasn’t patient enough. I have done as you suggested numerous times – complete uninstalls and reinstalls. I am still suffering from ‘fatal errors’. I have been able to narrow it down to when exiting from actual flying screens to menu screens (pressing ‘alt’ while in flight and choosing options setting display for example). The screen blacks out – normal. But then it appears to hang while trying to load the settings screens, then a pop up stating a fatal error has occurred, etc…. The settings screen is never displayed and FSX trys to restart. Any thoughts on this?

    I have searched high and low on the internet for an answer and have found none yet, however there is plenty of occurrences of this issue with others as well. Any direction from you would be great! Thanks again.

  9. Phil Taylor says:


    I have no idea, I am not support.

  10. egore says:

    Hello Phil. Well, it appears the issue I was bothering you with was related to Ati. They just released Cat 7.5 and the issue appears to have been resolved. I am posting here, in case others were hoping to find this answer to the problem. Thanks for your time and FINALLY, I can say GREAT JOB with the SP.

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