FSX SP1:Missions, MultiPlayer, and Misc Fixes


·         MISSIONS: Monsoon Approach:  Rain is missing

·         MISSIONS: Swedish Championship Soaring Course:  Thermals are not showing in mission (schematic)

·         MISSIONS: Swedish Championship Soaring Course: When User gets the Club Record time they are not getting the trophy for it

·         MISSIONS: Austrian Alpine Soaring Course:  Flight Plan cruising altitudes are extremely high (41,000 feet)

·         MISSIONS: Austrian Alpine Soaring:  Crossing over the airport (the final checkpoint) does not stop the timer (counter, waypoint)

·         MISSIONS: Austrian Alpine Soaring: When User passes finish line and successfully lands on runway they fail the mission

·         MISSIONS: Flour Power gets a green check when Sitka Approach is completed (reward, check mark)

·         MISSIONS: Caribbean landing reward not being displayed on success

·         MISSIONS: Mission Compass displays too many directional arrows (pointer)

·         MISSIONS: 747 Test Flight has ambulances placed incorrectly

·         MISSIONS: 747 Test flight reveals terrible shadow problems on the compass rose.

·         MISSIONS: Completing the Oil Rig Rescue mission doesn't result in a 'You've Succeeded' status or reward

·         MISSIONS: Telluride missing the runway without crashing leaves you in unending state



·         MP: banned list ineffective in preventing repeated friend request

·         MP: mp needs boot functionality both in game player and at the host screen

·         MP: UI: Hard to chat with all these users in the main lobby with a lot of users logging in and out

·         MPr: Join Friends Game should not be a selectable option with friends who are already in your session.

·         MP: unexpected error message pop up after user logon with gamespy.

·         MP:Connection errors, including exiting out of session kicks player out of GameSpy and gives "you may have logged in on another computer" error

·         MP missions: Things are broken when you try to host a session and then end the mission and then host another session

·         MP:Cannot make a connection: We believe we have reduced the occurrence of this, and we have reports of better success on GameSpy ahead of SP1 so they may have fixed something on their end too.

·         MP: Shared Cockpit - Reverse Thrust - Reverse Thrust is not a synchronized component



·         Thermals : Default thermals as defined in ThermalsDescriptions.xml far too big and strong for most landclasses

·         ATC: ATIS - Pressure displayed & spoken in inches when Int'l setting is Hybrid (feet, millibars)

·         DisabledTrafficAirports persist to flights/missions that have no disabled traffic airports





Comments (12)

  1. Overnight Microsoft released Flight Simulator X Service Pack 1 . I am certain that this will address

  2. risa2000 says:

    Hello Phil,

    I have experienced one of bug you mentioned – completing Sitka Approach also ticks Flour Power. After installing SP1, Flour Power is still ticked. Does it mean that SP1 fix cannot "unmark" it, but prevents ticking it for those who complete Sitka *after* installing SP1?

    Also, I experienced bug (in RTM version) in helicopter landing mission, which was not mentioned in your relaase note. Where can I report it?

    Otherwise thanks for the delivery, after all, it was only two weeks late, which is amazing compared to normal delays ;-).

  3. risa2000 says:

    And one a bit offtopic – just out of curiosity: Why are all your posts completed with comments from "Nick Whittome" which do not make sense. Do you test something new?

  4. Phil Taylor says:


    I’d have to research it.

    and Nick just got in first with his comment everywhere, thats all.

    fsinsider.com has a feedback link for bug reports.

  5. panos95 says:

    When I host a session can I and my friend be observers?

    In FS2004 I can’t, that’s why I am asking

  6. spaantje says:

    I have a strange thing.

    I installed SP1 over a clean install of FSX and now when i fly a mission i don’t hear a voice (i do hear music)….

    In the sounds settings voice is on 100%…

    What is going wrong?

  7. Phil Taylor says:


    This blog is not support, I cannot take support questions.

  8. Phil Taylor says:


    yes, there is an issue with ATC in localized builds and we are re-releasing French-Italian-German-Spanish-Polish today to address this.

  9. CBris says:

    Hi Phil,

    I managed times of around an hour in the pre-SP1 Alpine Soaring mission, but now? I still can’t land at Zell am See, despite the comment “MISSIONS: Austrian Alpine Soaring: When User passes finish line and successfully lands on runway they fail the mission”

    Have I missed an SP1 for the SP1 somewhere? I’ve landed backwards, forwards and even sidewise 😉

    Mind you – I do have the FSGenesis meshes installed. Could these be giving a location change? The biggest pity was the fact that installing the SP1 as recommended (clean install of FSX) deleted all the previous rewards. (I found out that there is a second folder of FSX data that isn’t mentioned in various advices about saving records)

    Anyway, I still have the flying hours logbook.

  10. Phil Taylor says:


    I just dont know about that one wrt the mission.

    As far as files being removed, did you see http://dev.fsinsider.com/tips/Pages/SupportAlertFilesRemovedonFSXUninstall.aspx ? That article did try to talk to this issue.

  11. panos95 says:

    Hey, I get always when I want to host a session this error:

    Cannot create connection with host FSX

  12. "Nick just got in first with his comment everywhere, thats all."

    LOL, sorry about that 😉

    Risa, what happens is that if I post a blogpost on my msmvps.com site, and I reference a blogpost by someone else (in this case Phil’s) then it adds the first line of the comments I make to the other blog.   Hope that makes sense.



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