FSX SP1:Aircraft and Scenery Fixes


SCENERY: Night textures not appearing on Vancouver's Canada Place

SCENERY: Drop-out of night textures occurring on many generic buildings

SCENERY:Mission Paris Airshow at LFPB

SCENERY: Nijubashi bridge is on the wrong place.

SCENERY :3 disconnected jetways at airport: EGCC

SCENERY:EGNV airport elevation sloped to the wrong value causing severe visual anomalies

SCENERY: Water sloping and boundary resolution issues Danube River

SCENERY:Water sloping issue (missing data due to export issue) Vistula River (Largest river in Poland)

SCENERY :Water Sloping issue at the Humbar Bridge (UK)

SCENERY :Water Sloping issues with the River Avon

SCENERY :Water Sloping issues with the River Thames

SCENERY: Autogen buildings clipping into Dodger Stadium

SCENERY: Detached shoreline seen snaking through water well offshore for 100 miles near Tijuana

SCENERY: Dodger stadium in Los Angeles is inside of a crater

SCENERY: Elevation of terrain around SAOC (Area De Material) differs by about 1300' from elevation of airport

SCENERY: Elevation of terrain around SAVE (Esquel) differs by about 2500' from elevation of airport

SCENERY: Elevation of terrain around SUSO (Salto Nueva Hesperides Intl) differs significantly from elevation of airport

SCENERY: FVFA (Victoria Falls) is sitting in a hole

SCENERY: Gaps seen in taxiways and apron at KSAV (Savannah/Hilton Head Intl)

SCENERY: Horrendous problems with slivers and slabs of land splitting up the bay in Lisbon, Portugal

SCENERY: Last character ("u") in name of Montreal/Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau airport has been dropped from airport name in the geodatabase

SCENERY: Mismatched elevations on adjacent water polygons near MNSC (San Carlos)

SCENERY: Road comprising Brooklyn Battery Tunnel in New York is not attributed as tunnel, runs across Buttermilk Channel

SCENERY: Runway elevation at MNBL (Bluefields) is significantly higher than the airport flattening polygon

SCENERY: Taxiway B at KSAV (Savannah/Hilton Head Intl) is doing the drunken sailor dance

SCENERY: Water sloping issues in Danube River

SCENERY: Yukon River missing from Galena, AK all the way to the ocean

SCENERY:Havana Harbor in Cuba is missing from FSX.  It was present in FS9

LIVING WORLD: Traffic driving on the wrong side of the road in Japan



A/C  Airbus A321 - Panel - Backup Altimeter: 10,000's feet digit does not scroll properly

A/C  Airbus A321 - Panel - ECAMS: FF per engine should not be labelled "%", but rather "lbs/hour"

A/C  A321 -  Panel - The wind value is not being displayed correctly on the Nav Display

A/C  Airbus A321 - Panel - PFD: MCP-selected altitude not be displayed fully when 5 digits.  (First digit is cut off)

A/C  C172 - Panel ---Middle and Inner marker lights are mis-aligned when illuminated

A/C  Cessna 172 - Panel - The placard for the call sign is poorly located - covers up screws when there's lots of blank panel space to the right of it

A/C  DeHavilland Beaver - VC elevator trim indicator not in sync with 2D version

A/C  Default Beaver's exterior's doors are just basic plain color.

A/C  Baron 58 G1000: Instrumental panel is not localizable. Need to add panel.cfg

A/C  Boeing 737-800 - Panel - The True Airspeed (TAS) value displayed on the Nav Display is actually Indicated Airspeed (KIAS)

A/C  Maule M7 - VSI has a limit of +/- 1100 fpm

A/C  Maule Flap Initialization

A/C  Get door open and exit sounds working again.

A/C  Sort Order of Aircraft Manufacturers is broken for extended characters

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  1. Overnight Microsoft released Flight Simulator X Service Pack 1 . I am certain that this will address

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