FSX SP1 in Final Test

We have resolved all Beta bugs, including fixing 4 late graphics bugs.

We found a couple small Loc issues today, and are rebuilding tonite with an RC candidate.

The build goes into Final Test tomorrow. All thing being equal and "the creek dont rise" we will release next week.

If there is another delay I will update my blog. Stay patient, SP1 is real close!

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  1. Scousefox9 says:

    Sweet! I know this may be the wrong time to ask but are there any plans in releasing a SP2 sometime in the future to fix new problems raised post/not solved in SP1?

    Lets keep our fingers crossed…

  2. LarryWoodworth says:

    Excellent news!  I wait with baited breath (so THAT’S what I’m smelling!)

  3. GSX says:

    You guys might wanna consider putting flight simulation, fsx, fs2004, flight simulation development in a NG. MS has plenty of public NG’s


    I also have an NNTP   NG server and would be happy to host a public NG for flight sim.


  4. SilentGenie says:

    Thank’s Phil,

    I can’t wait to get my hands on the SP1 patch for FSX, I’m patiently waiting for it like i wait for the wife to come to bed lol, I just hope its what we are all expecting. I purchased an 8800GTX ( £390 ) for this sim so i dont need any more costs.

    System Specs :

    Core2Duo E6600 @2.40ghz

    Antec 500watt PSU

    2gig of ram

    1. 8800GTX 🙂

    whilst i get good frame rates with everything maxe’d out (50-80fps over sea or high altitude) it lowers to a miserable (15-30) over dense scenery or cities, i shouldn’t grumbe i know but wish it had the extra umph that it screams out for




  5. westv says:

    Great news, Phil,

    Do you know when you’ll be able to tell us what’s in SP1? Or do we wait until release to find that out?


  6. tcable says:

    Thanks for the update Phil- congrats on the current milestone. Bring on the DX rendering update and the info that you cam provide to us concerning it.

    Now the big question-

    Given the choice of the following (all else equal) which is more performant for FSX in SP1 and beyond:

    A faster clockrate DUAL core CPU (E6800)


    A slower clockrate QUAD core CPU (Q6600)?

    Not being familiar with the technical intricacies of the engine, I seek your advice 🙂 I know enough about multithreading theory to be only slightly dangerous. I don’t know if thowing more cores at the problem is better vs fewer faster cores.

  7. spiritmenace says:

    Thanks a lot ACES for all the hard work that has been done to make this update possible. But I have one last question. Will it be possible to use FS2004 addon planes (PMDG, Level-d 767) in FSX with SP1?

  8. Phil Taylor says:


    Not really. DX10 is next and DX10 is about features and not fixes, a totally different purpose than SP1. If some thing major crops up, we are of course looking. But we are not planning for that.

  9. Absinthe says:

    Hey Phil – thats GREAT news !  🙂

    a quicky – have you guys included a fix for the wide screen ratio being on constant "false" ?

  10. Geoff Newman says:

    Thanks Phil, its great to know we are really close to this now. Overdue but worth the wait I’m sure!!!

    As a side question what is your favourite aircraft to fly?

  11. apopilot says:

    Next week starts Sunday. Should I take a specifice day off next week? Just Kidding. Thanks for all your hard work on the SP1 project. I am looking forwarded to the release.

  12. Phil Taylor says:

    GSX, as I said in response to your other post on the other blog thread, thanks for the suggestion but I am staying with the blog for now. I also post on 7 diiferent FS sites, so you can see commentary there. Thats enough for now.

  13. SilentGenie says:


    Phil i saw on a blog somewhere that someone mentions a release date for sp1 and they state tomorrow 11th may 2007, is this true ? i know you cant say but i’m so excited

  14. Phil Taylor says:

    Westv, we arent going to publish a list of what is in SP1 until its done.

  15. Phil Taylor says:

    TCable:in general more cores is better, although I can see a case where if the quad was crippled with slow memory the duo might do better. all things being equal, though, the quad is going to be better.

  16. Jim Knows says:


    Thanks for the update.  Much appreciated.

  17. Phil Taylor says:

    Spirit:I dont know about that particular aircraft, PMDG would be a better place to ask.

  18. Phil Taylor says:

    Absinthe:I am not answering questions about bug reports. Please dont ask.

  19. Phil Taylor says:

    Geof:since my father flew seaplanes for the Navy, I have an attraction to them. Especially the old ones that are available as freeware(B-314, Solent, etc ). Some other interesting aircraft are the James Bond BD5 jet, the XB-70, and the F-86 from the Korea era. But that is just skimming the surface, I have downloaded close to 30 and a lot of them are fun.

  20. CaptDaadood says:

    You are not planing for it because probably you had enought dealing with SP1 and that is all we going to get. Whch probably means if there is more complications from the so cal SP1 have more bugs that what it start it with ACe will probably will not expend time on it.

    I hope my above statement will not be true.

  21. Phil Taylor says:

    Silent Genie, I said next week. this Fri the 11th is not next week. never believe rumors.

  22. Phil Taylor says:

    Capt Daadood: time will tell.

  23. dkeller says:

    It would be nice if the developers could work overtime tonight and Friday night so they could deliver it to the public by Friday night. This would be a nice gesture to make up for the long wait.

    I too can’t wait for this SP1 and I have all weekend open to play with it. I can’t wait to see how it looks with both processors working. 😀

    Anyway Great News!

  24. SilentGenie says:


    True not to believe rumours, this may sound like crazy talk but now the time for sp1 release date is nearly upon us does that mean ACES will start with the DX10 patch ? What advantages do you believe to be with DX10, i have vista premium and a DX10 card (8800GTX) so hopefully there would be gains right ?


  25. Absinthe says:

    well, at least you guys are aware of it  🙂

    no need to be that harsh mate.

  26. DCMiller says:

    I have been simming since FS 95. I knew little about the internet and nothing about flying. I still amuse myself by recalling the first time I loaded a 737 and tried to take off at Meigs! A lot has changed since then.

    One of the things that has changed for the better is this open dialogue you devs are able to have with the community. I was part of the CFS 3 beta and experienced first hand how difficult and trying it could be to communicate wtih a public less than thrilled at the product they purchased. It seems most of the combat was happening on forums rather than in-game. I felt bad for Rob Brown and the other guys who were devoted to the success of the game because the public just didn’t get to know their passion as the beta-testers did. (Rob’s last name was "Brown", right?)

    Thank you for your patience and commitment to the community. Thank you for keeping us informed. And, most of all, thank you for letting us in on your passion for FSX.


  27. Phil Taylor says:

    DKeller:its a few days test pass, it just wont fit before next week.

  28. Phil Taylor says:

    Silent:its still to early to talk features for DX10 but we have a lot of the device,multi-mon, view, and camera infrastructure done already and are almost to the point of having everything render in wireframe. There is still a lot to do, but we arent starting cold. DX10 is more efficient, and we’d like to get another nice uptick in performance as well as some new visuals.

    Absinthe:not trying to be harsh, but bug reports and discussing bugs arent on the "respond to" list.

  29. Phil Taylor says:

    DC:thanks for the kind words. CFS3 was before my time, I cant answer that one.

  30. SilentGenie says:


    Thanks for replying to all our posts, I know it must be frustrating but you perform with outright professionalism throughout your posts and really like that. I’ve been reading your threads for the past few months and there have been so many negative posts towards the sim, Me i’m happy as larry with it but any performance gain would be desirable and obviously welcomed, I cant thank you enough for the hours of enjoyment i get from the sim, thanks again Phil you and the team have done an amazing job

  31. Phil Taylor says:

    JimK, thanks for the kind words.

  32. moonrunner says:


    Just a little curious.  Is the Final Test  done ‘in house’ or does it go out to the beta team?


  33. dkeller says:

    Anyone want to buy my dual core E6700 processor?

    I don’t think i have the strength to resist upgrading to quad core if i see a very noticable jump in performance.

    Thanks Phil for the reply.

  34. Phil Taylor says:

    Moonrunner:in-house, there is no Beta5.

  35. kevinmol says:

    To: dkeller,

    From what I’ve read; the new AMD quad cores coming out are worth waiting for.  Much faster then the current intel quad cores.  I’ve decided for myself to wait and see, rather than buy a new processor every 6 months.  

    To Phil,

    When you guys were testing the game, which hardware set up did you have that worked the best?

    Also do you think there is anything being released in the near future that is worth waiting for?


  36. moonrunner says:

    Hi Phil,

    I have a 3 GHz. single core processor that has handled FSX as well as some

    of the dual core processors judging from  the many comments

    that I have read.  I have a AIW X800XT 256 graphic card and

    that is a fast card for one of the last AGP cards.   I took it up

    to 4GIGs ram just recently  to help FSX as I can’t afford a dual core

    right away.  My question is will FSX use the 3 GB switch in the boot.ini file.

    I realize probably not but I thought I would ask.


  37. Tom Tanida says:

    I guess I’ve never heard the term "the creek don’t rise" applied to software, but there’s a first time for everything. ^_^

  38. MauiHawk says:

    To dkeller: You might have tempted me, but I just ordered a dual-core replacement for my rusty old AMD 3500.  (I wasn’t ready to have to invest in a new MB and memory that I would have needed for a C2D, but for "used" discount, possibly I would have considered).  I ordered it the minute Phil announced a target for next week 😀

    To kevinmol:   It was AMD that claimed it will be much faster, not an independent source.  So as much as I hope they are all that, it might be worth taking that claim with a grain of salt for now.

    If you are taking a "wait and see" approach, keep in mind that AMD’s Barcelona class will only be available as server chips at first.  I won’t be until Q4 that they’ll make it to desktops.  You could still buy the server chip, of course, but it will cost you more.  Also, by the time they are available for the desktop, Intel’s next-gen chips (Penryn) will be very close, if not already out.

  39. shenken says:

    Hello all,

    i´m new to this blog. I just want to say thank you Phil and Team for the efforts, bringing up an SP1 für FSX. Currently i´m still playing FS9 but yesterday I bought FSX Deluxe Edition because i´ve read that a SP1 is coming 🙂

    Looking really forward to it 🙂

  40. Phil Taylor says:


    DX9 has problems with the /3GB switch. D3DX in specific, which we use. If a D3DX update comes out that is /3Gb compliant we should just work.

    Not sure what it does for you though.

  41. Shel800521 says:

    Aces Team, take a break, light a cigar, grab a beer (or two) and relax the weekend, you guys deserve it, as much as i love fsx, i love my weekends too so fsx will just have to wait until next week.

  42. TobiasGun says:

    Hi Phil,

    do you think it will help me runnin FSX on my low end system:

    AMD 2600+

    1.25 GB RAM

    Geforce GT6600

    I gave up with FSX after 2 weeks of tyring to tweak the FPS..

    Problems are as so many people already mentioned – good FPS in the air – low FPS when scenery comes in sight..

    And also frequently stuttering which is so annoying i didnt have fun anymore with that game.



  43. Phil Taylor says:


    more memory would definitely help, both for system mem and graphics mem. SP1 should help some too.

  44. SilentGenie says:


    so today was final test day 🙂

    How did it go ?, you all set to release to the eagly awaiting hands of the simmers next week ?



  45. Phil Taylor says:

    Silent, the finalt test pass is a few days. Next week is all I can commit to at this time.

  46. rob_h_83 says:

    I give the guy credit for keeping in touch with everyone so often, most developers dont.

  47. moonrunner says:

    HI Phil,

    Thank you sir for enlightening me on the /3GIG switch.  I knew it was problematic but

    I did not know the D3DX specifics.  Searching Google I don’t believe I came across a thread

    that pointed to this specific area.  There is a lot about the switch but too many varying opinions

    on it’s problems.

    On my 8300 3ghz HT I was just trying to hand to FSX as much of the 4gags ram as

    I could.  As I stated in an earlier comment the AIW x800xt 256 help a lot too.  This machine

    seems to be able to handle FSX fairly well considering I am also running hight res. mesh

    and TreesX at canopy settings.  Sliders are fairly to the right on big draw options and

    I was surprised how well this machine performed.

    AI air traffic and vehicle traffic are held at 10%.  Water effects at 3.  Frame rates for

    the most part are not spectacular but aside from the cities, acceptable.  My only

    problem is smoothness is an issue on approach at some of the more detailed airports.

    The smoothness issue seems to be the most frustrating part of the whole thing with me.

    I am hoping SP1 will take care of that.

    I am telling you this, not only to thank you for the information on the /3gig switch,  but

    to let you know what single core HT machines similar to mine might be experiencing and

    suppling data so that you might have some advance notice on what you may expect in

    feedback based on your speculation of what SP1 might do for these single core HT machines.

    Have a great weekend!

    Hopefully no rain in Seattle,


  48. heliognr says:

    Hello all. I am new to the forum am I am glad Phill is concerned with keeping us in touch. Thanks Phill

    Any idea of the sise of the sp1? Thanks

  49. Phil Taylor says:


    See my latest post, that info is sticky now!

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