Moderated Blog comments and rules

So it’s been almost 2 weeks since I started moderating blog posts. I am publishing some of them, but not all. It’s a matter of time and appropriateness.


Certainly posts in the following categories:

a) Schedule questions,

b) Requests to be added to beta,

c) asking for hw recommendations or sw tech support,

d) Are rude and/or insulting

I don’t publish those.


Even some that *are* on topic, due to time restrictions, may not get published. This is not meant to insult or annoy any specific comment author; it’s just a matter of my free time.


Thanks for understanding.

Comments (11)

  1. bobby_macnair says:

    i find it sad that in this day and age it is necessary to post these sort or rules… especially in a community (flight simulation) that is 99% of the time welcoming and good.

    It is a useful post though to keep that 1% of the community in there place and stop them obstructing our love of flight simulation and all the good work you folks do at Aces.

    Keep up the good work <<thumbs up>>

  2. LarryWoodworth says:

    Bob, you have to remember that participants in any internet discussion come from all age groups and some can make their points in a more mature fashion than others.  It’s partly due to the anonymity the internet provides.

  3. chelo says:

    Criticism is accepted?

    Because I did with the new expansion and my post wasn´t published. I don´t know if it was because it was against the rules or lack of time to publish.

    Anyway, its great to see updates in the blog.

  4. Aberforth says:

    wow..these rules are weird, it’s like A380 landing on beachcraft. Anyway what will be the size of SP1?

  5. Phil Taylor says:

    If you saw the unpublished comments you would understand why I have to have some rules.

    Around 210M for each language, 1 package per language covers both Std and Dlx.

  6. Jim Knows says:

    I’m not going to bug you today.  Actually, I’m not going to bug you anymore about this SP1 thing.

    I talked to one of the programmers at Flight1 (Henry) on the phone today.  I expressed my pent up frustration that I have with you and my thoughts regarding your competancy.  This programmer very politely spealed on for about 20 minutes with great detail in support of you, much to my surprise.  But what he had to say did have a dramatic effect on me which made me think alot afterwards.

    Sparing you the details, after I hung up the phone, I didn’t feel too good about my recent behavior after listening to Henry at Flight1.  Was almost considering apologizing to you, but I’m not there yet.  I still have too much frustration inside of me over this whole FSX project.

  7. Phil Taylor says:


    Thanks for the note. I”ll try to respond to anything that isnt 1 of my 4 "no publish, no answers" and is in a reasonable tone.

    The comment of yours that I didnt publish asked a schedule question – which I really dont want to try to answer given we already gotten bit by saying April and here it is into May.

    Thanks for trying to understand, and its nothing against you in specific as I have a lot of "when will it be" and "please get me on the beta" comments and I just cannot publish and answer those.

    We do hope that SP1 reduces your frustation when using FSX, just hang on a little longer :-).


  8. Jim Knows says:


    SP1 will come when it comes.  Take the pressure off yourself, give yourself a pat on the back, enjoy the weekend.   Down the road, we will all be one happy luvy-duvy family again……..until the next version of Microsoft Flight Simulator years away where we get to be mad at each other all over again.  Just kidding.


  9. Phil Taylor says:

    LOL, thanks Jim, have a good weekend yourself! Now if the weather would just cooperate in Seattle.

  10. jerm138 says:

    The complaining here really amazes me.

    This is the product of our “on demand” world.  Our culture has lost the ability to wait for anything.  We see it, we want it, and we want it YESTERDAY!  I think the people who keep whining about the release date will never be truly happy with anything they currently have… they’ll just always look to the next thing.  These are the same people who, within a few months of SP1’s release, will start throwing fits about “When is FS11 coming out?”

    Can anyone tell me what’s wrong with FS9?  Are you no longer able to enjoy it just because you know there’s a “FSX SP1 Beta” out there somewhere, and you can’t have it?  Now, FS9 is suddenly worthless?

    If I have to wait until NEXT YEAR for SP1, it’ll still be worth it, because I still have something great (FS9) to fly in the meantime.

    Some people really need to get a grip.  They act like these developers are teasing starving children.  

    They’re working on the program… when it’s done, it’s done.  It’s not like they’re getting “enjoyment” from our misery.  (and if waiting a few months for SP1 qualifies as misery, you got it pretty good!)

  11. JamesMRay says:

    Phil, I just wanted to say kudos to you and the entire ACES development team.  Not so often do you find a product in that draws out such emotion, positive or negative.  I, like many others fall into the pool of “I’ve tweaked and read about tweaks more than I’ve played the Sim”, but after all that work, I’ve come to an endstate that performs nearly as well as I had hoped, and I believe that when SP1 is finally released (no rush guys!), it will push the performance of the sim to a level that will bring pure joy from myself and the others that have worked so hard to get what they want from the sim.  To the critics: I challenge you to develop a simulator that translates real world weather, real aircraft physics, environmental stress, and awesome visuals, and make it able to run on a personal computer.  I am a tank gunner in the US Army, and I can tell you, our simulators look primative compared to FSX, and don’t require nearly as much data to be processed.  Might I add, EACH of these very simulators are housed in a building, yes, a building, about the size of a car garage.  I have had my late nights and frustrations stemming from FSX, however, rather then taking it out on the development team who has PLENTY on their plate as it is, I challenged myself to improve the performance on MY INDIVIDUAL system.  The beauty of the personal computer is also its downfall.  If ACES were developing this simulator for a properiety system, a gaming console, for example, they would be able to maximize the hardware to create an identical experience for everyone.  However, computers are completely customizable, and no two are exactly alike.  I think its funny that people aren’t complaining about the physics of the simulator, but rather the visuals.  If you don’t like the way it looks on your computer, upgrade.  If you can’t afford to upgrade, then find a way to tweak it like I did.  If you don’t have the patience for that, then you should blame yourself, not the developers.  A program that installs to 15 gigs on your hard drive is bound to have problems… We’re human, and nobody is perfect.  I am just happy that ACES bothered to rectify the problems they discovered, rather then just leaving you high and dry.  Not only that, but the developers are TALKING and TAKING QUESTIONS from the consumers!!!   I’ll get off my soapbox now. I apologize for hijacking your blog Phil, but I really had to get it off my chest.  Thanks for a wonderful game, that is clearly light-years ahead of its time!!!

    -SPC James Ray

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