Two things, today is my birthday and we have posted FSX SP1 Beta to the beta forums

It should be live within the hour.

There are still a few issues to work on, but its good enough to get feedback on. Now thats a nice birthday present!

To those of you in the beta, we hope you like it. We expect to drop a beta refresh next week to address those issues, so please work around them as we have described.

To those of you not in the beta, we are still on track to deliver FSX SP1 final before the end of April. Just be patient a little longer.


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Comments (10)

  1. CARST says:

    Congratulations to your Birthday!

    Good to see work continues…

  2. rojawajr says:

    Happy Birthday !!!

    Good luck with the Beta testing

  3. blueflamer says:

    Happy Birthday.

    Looking forward to the result of your great work.

  4. BradHosking says:

    Sounds wonderful Phil

    Phil if we wanted to become part of the Beta test team for future releases, how would one apply for something like that?

    Also just a note, I got my FSX actually running very smoothly the other day with some tips from the following Wiki

    I am running a 6600GT AGP Card with 2GB of Corsair RAM (DDR) and a AMD64 3200 939 chip. Runs currently at 20fps very smoothly and really looks sensational. The changes in the fsx.cfg seem to have made a considerable difference.

    If it is smooth now then I guess I cannot wait for the SP1. Many thanks to all who have contributed to helping Phil and his team in many ways!


  5. mk-nilsson says:

    Congratulations Phil. This sounds great.

  6. liberalgeek says:

    how do i join the beta, it looks awesome!

  7. liberalgeek says:

    i am a member/was a member of the file planet fs beta team, does this qualify me or do i need something else

  8. jcmissionary says:

    To apply for the beta, Hal Bryan has mentioned that you should send an email to with your FS credentials and why you think you should be on the beta.

    To answer liberalgeek’s question, SP1 is being tested by the official FSX beta team.

  9. tokyocrow says:

    Hmmmm …. Mar 27, 2007 ….

    30 years ago the worst disaster in aviation history happened – Tenerife

    Not making comment on SP1 or your birthday but what a coincidence eh ?

  10. blueflamer says:

    A comment can also be made regarding the day of your posting. April fool’s day.

    "Everyday of the future will fall on the same eventful day of the past"

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