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Sometimes we here in Redmond forget how much people focus on what we say and what can and is read into what we post. For each and every sentence, and sometimes for each and every word in a sentence.

For instance, I see people taking my comments about the GeForce 8800 and GS performance in my "Optimized for Vista does not mean DX10" post and taking that out of context as either a dig or criticism of nVidia and the GeForce 8800.

That is the farthest thing from the truth; it was a comment about design challenges.

To give nVidia the credit they deserve, nVidia clearly won the DX10 race to market and deserve all the kudos for that accomplishment. And they are great to work with and are always attentive to whatever feedback we give them. I can’t say enough about their developer relations team in this respect. As far as the product, when the GeForce 8800 boards turned up we were able to start working with them immediately. And frankly they have been and will continue to be a great platform for development work here, and today are the only shipping DX10 hardware and have the best performance available for FSX.

I know the temptation to "read between the lines" is strong, but really most of the time the conclusions reached when people do this just isn’t what the original intent was. Hopefully this post clears that up in relation to this specific issue. And please, in the future, try to avoid the temptation to take one sentence out of context and expand its intent

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