SP1 Status

SP1 Status update:

We are still working the list of bugs. We are down to the last 10-15% of the planned work, so we are getting close to closing the SP down.

We do have an extensive test pass planned, and there is an emerging security issue in a shared component we get from Office that may force a setup change on us and force us to synchronize our release with the security fix.

I can share a couple of teasers, though. We have a set of fixes for 3rd party developers and broken end user content that are going to fix many of our worst issues. I cannot guarantee we are going to fix every one of these, nor can I guarantee we will fix everyones' favorite flying place and every content issue.

For instance, we are not fixing the landclass issues. It is too big and systemic. We need to globally update our landclass data, that is really the only way.

Here are some before and after screenshots of places we are fixing, though:

Lisbon Before

Lisbon After

River Thames Before, Image 1     River Thames Before, Image 2

River Thames After, Image 1        River Thames After, Image 2

And here is a before and after screenshot of a rendering type bug we fixed:

Dusk Before                            

Dusk After

So you can get the flavor of what is in SP1 besides the performance fixes.

In terms of the performance work, some of those fixes are already in and we are doing early perf testing, some of those fixes are still in-flight. Its just going to take a bit longer.

Expect to hear back from me in a few weeks, 1st week of March at the latest, for the next status update.


Comments (21)

  1. airbadger says:

    I registered to view the pictures but it says access denied and I’m not allowed to post.  Any idea what that is?

  2. Phil Taylor says:

    I have no idea about the pictures. I can only say they are all on http://blogs.msdn.com/photos/phil_taylor

  3. Phil Taylor says:

    I believe I have fixed the links.

  4. jonpatch says:

    Great news, Phil!  Note that I am having trouble accessing some of the images, but some are ok.

    That dusk rendering bug: great news you’ve fixed the terrain textures, did you also have a chance to address the rather dark dusk building textures with dusk/dawn smoothing?  They were much less vibrant in FSX in FS9.

    Overall, it looks like we are going to get more than we imagined in this release, cool!


  5. Phil Taylor says:

    Can you comment on what images have issues? Are they all visible if you go directly to http://blogs.msdn.com/photos/phil_taylor ?

  6. jonpatch says:

    Hi Phil,

    One now works that wasn’t, and two are left 404’ing:



    Roger on the photo page…


  7. jonpatch says:

    P.S. No, it looks like those two images are not visiible in the photo list…


  8. Phil Taylor says:

    Interesting, those links work for me. I will have to ask around and see if anyone understands this.

    Thanks for the pointers, though.

  9. robruce says:

    All the image links work ok for me.

    Thanks for the encouraging news Phil.

  10. BradHosking says:

    Sensational mate! Looking forward to the SP1 for FSX… thank your team for all their hard work

  11. karijno says:

    Hi Phil,

    only one thing if you can answer.. FSX and Vista (DX9) issue are inline for SP1 or for future DX10 Update only…?!?



  12. Geoff_D says:


    Great news on the Graphics  —  The Thames is looking real good now  !!!

    It would seem we can expect great things in SP1 as far as improved graphics are concerned.

    Are you able to give us some updates as far as other aspects of FSX SP1 are concerned. (sorry to lay this on you, but you seem to be the only one willing to give ANY  information on SP1).

    Fixing some of the cosmetic graphics features is wonderful, but perhaps of more concern to a lot of us, is the fixing of some features of FSX,  that currently make the product almost unusable, especially in the Multiplayer mode.      It would be comforting to know that these more critical bugs are also being addressed in SP1 as well.


    (1)  The disconnect problems with Gamespy  and the inability to make a reconnection,  if Gamespy drops you during a MP session  (you cannot get back to the session’s chat window).

    (2) We hear that the Host’s ability to remove (kick) a player  will be fixed,  but an equally annoying feature is constant requests to join someone’s FRIENDS list, a feature that is often being used to disrupt both the Host machine &  other pilots.   A DO NOT DISTURB option is badly needed  —  is that being addressed.

    (3) COM1 radio issue in Shared Cockpit  (  on 1st Freq change,  it gets permanently out of sync, amking COM1 unusable in Shared Cockpit  —  Shared Cockpit being one of the GREATEST  new features in FSX,  after your spectacular Graphics  of course … lol )

    (4) Transponder  updates  only appear  in Control Tower for some of the Stock FSX aircraft,  not for most.

    (5) Shared Cockpit – Reverse Thrust – goes to max Forward thrust in Shared Copilots plane.


    The point being,   that these sort of BUGS  make FSX in Multiplayer  stops functioning, and as such, should seem to be more important to fix (and a lot easier),  that a few extra mounds of earth showing in the middle of the River Thames.

    It’s great to see that YOU have got your Graphics area sorted out  (well done, and thanks),  but could you possibly give us some insight as to how others are doing, in more critical areas, as you seem to be one of the few  able to communicate with  the FS  community.



  13. Phil Taylor says:

    The FSX SP1 update will work on FSX RTM, either XP or Vista.

    The FSX DX10 update will of course only be available on Vista.

  14. captaindobbin says:

    Hi Phil,

    Can you give as any information as to expected performance gains in terms of frames per second?


  15. Phil Taylor says:

    It is way too early to make any comment on performance. We need to get the rest of the work finished before we will have this fully characterized.

  16. Hal talks about lack of communication . He’s right you know, I did not know about the FS Insider article

  17. kerel says:

    Problem about levels FS9 and FSX.

    The FS9 users see my plane in a network (IVAO or ..) about 200ft above the ground. And that is not nice for a enthousiast FSX user like me.

    Please solve this problem. And I think this problem might kil the nice program FSX for years. Much more important then the Thames and Lisbon.


    Loek from The Netherlands


  18. yamane says:

    I agree with Geoff!

    why Microsoft don´t fix real problems (as multiplayer bugs in GameSpy)?

    I don´t believe that Microsoft prefer fix COSMETIC BUGS and not fix FUNCTIONAL BUGS!

  19. ryancleary says:

    Does this patch fix the "Flight Simulator could not load some program files and will now exit" error, because I’ve tried EVERYTHING to get rid of that. Also, how do I get into the beta?

  20. Phil Taylor says:

    That sounds like either bad 3rd party content or a bad install.

  21. kerel says:


    This weekend we had the FS Event in The Netherlands. One of the biggest events of this kind. And what I have seen was that only one person (of about hundred FS users) used FSX. All the others FS9.

    What happend with your FSX project??? I seems to be stopped.

    After SP1 the FSX goes faster but it brings us also a lot of problems extra. So I cannot use my panels of the B737 and Airbus 320 anymore. Before it was ok.

    You gave the advice to download the latest drivers, I did, and to make a new .fsg file, I did. But nothing happend.

    It is so bad that there is a possibility that our hobby FS will stop with FSX!!!

    Regards and I hope and expect you will solve the problems (panels etc) with SP2. And please don’t give the anwer : the third party gives the problem and the solution. It is yours also because you have the possibility to communicate with them and the knowledge, we not.


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