FSX Progress Update – SP1 and DX10

Its time for another update on FSX Progress. This is largely similar to what I posted on Avsim.com.


We are working thru the set of tasks we identified for SP1, are getting closer to closure and a final test pass, and should have more to say as far as details in the next couple of weeks.

The only things I can say is:
a)we are not toning down the experience and
b)we are aiming at a targetted set of perf and content fixes.


In terms of DX10, we have continued to make progress albeit slow. So DX10 will be after SP1. How far after SP1 remains to be seen, but its not a matter of weeks after since we still have serious feature work to do. Once SP1 ships and we get fully into DX10 development and a sense of velocity then I can start to talk to DX10 timeframes. One thing I will commit to doing soon after SP1 ships is walking the community thru the FSX "magic screenies" for DX10 and explaing what features Aces sees in those. If anyone saw the FSX presentation at the nVidia 8800 launch, I did just that so repeating it here is a good thing. Its just a matter of time, as in when I find the time :-).

Fair enough?

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  1. moore1018 says:

    Hi Phil,

    Thanks for the update!  Is the FSX presentation from the NVIDIA 8800 launch available on the web?  Thanks again for keeping the community updatd!


  2. tzagotta says:

    Any idea why FSX won’t run at all on my D955EE + 2GB + Vista + X1800 machine? I called Microsoft Support, but they were clueless about what could be happening and couldn’t help. So I just have a pretty DVD sitting here on my desk and I can’t play the game at all. Any suggestions?

  3. Madfred says:


    Thanks for keeping us informed.

    What I an certainly thousands of other FS enthausiasts would like to know is:


    Can you give us any input on that?

    Thanks in advance for your response.


  4. Phil Taylor says:

    I dont understand "dual core compatibility". FSX certainly runs on multicore CPUs. It just doesnt take full advantage of them.

    If you mean, are we working to increase our use of 2nd and more cores, that I understand.

    We are working on it, but its too early to tell if it will be in the SP.

  5. yamane says:

    Hi Phil,

    brazilian users of FSX is very unhappy with this simulator, because is necessary powerfull machines (Core 2 Duo + 2Gb RAM + Nvidia 8800GTX) to run with more than 30fps 🙂

    I search arround the world (with google) and found the same insatisfation!

    This video below show this fact:


    Best regards,

    Renato S. Yamane

  6. beemer says:

    Thank you Phil for keeping us posted.  Finding your blog, I feel like I just cut through a dense jungle into a sun-lit clearing.  I’m a Mac user waiting to make the switch to Vista, mainly for FSX.  From now on, I’ll be checking in here-and only here-to narrow down the specs for my new Vista machine.  The one and only feature I’m set on at this point is DX10 hardware support.

    Regards and thanks again


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