Registry repair tool if you have installed more than 1 time and have troubles

If you have installed before, and especially if you have installed add-ons – its entirely possible some registry entry did not get completely removed. This can block re-installing or make the re-install fail. If this sounds familiar, and you get stuck you could try using the FSX Registry repair tool from Flight 1.


How to upgrade the propellers in FS9 aircraft for FSX-SP2

From Stoopy at in this thread, the following instructions should allow you to upgrade the propellers on FS9 aircraft that have bad propeller textures under FSX-SP2: – Download and install Martin Wright’s DXTBMP program will also need mwgfx.dll to function so download and install that too: after these are installed, launch DXTBMP and…


DXDiag, DX versions, and what your computer can do

DXDiag is this great diagnostic for your gaming hardware. It was created during my time as DX SDK PM by the DX SDK and Tools team. It is hard to imagine gaming before DXDiag and its reporting what is on your machine; but lately I have seen a lot of misunderstanding what DXDiag is and…


Help for SP2 Menu Crash?

some users are reporting the menu crashes with SP2 are related to FRAPS and do not happen without FRAPS. see  hth, and back to your previously scheduled holidays!


Christmas Eve Holiday Wishes!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all! And enjoy your flying, no matter if it be in-game or in-life! I am on vacation, so please do not expect a lot of interaction.


FSX-SP2 SDK is available for download

it just went live!, find it here and  this link is available on now.


Trying to help with FSX-SP2 install issues

“Bob “The Setup Guy” Arnson makes a post to try to help SP2 users figure out why their install is failing here.


FSX-SP2 is available for download!

With a week to spare before the Winter Solstice and fall is over! A lot of people worked hard to get this done before Christmas, kudos to the SP2 team at Aces. now has the downloads links. Note:   My post on Acceleration and SP2 is still operational and nothing major has changed from…


True FSX Planes

In another excellent thread on, DennyA has collected a list of planes along with their type ( payware, freeware ), source, and compat notes here. I have to say, informative threads with great details like this are worth a lot to the community. Nice work!