FSX:Responding to Community Feedback

Dear Readers ( especially AVSim Readers ),


I promised to return and discuss the result of our investigations after the Thanksgiving holiday.


As promised, we investigated issues pertaining to the product, and meticulously analyzed the results.  We are in the process of creating a solution to address issues with the product.  We will post further news when it becomes available.


As far as timing of this release, I can only say sometime after the 1st of the year, and by that I mean after January. While we can’t talk to specifics yet, hopefully we will be able to send an update on progress after the first of the year.


I apologize for not being able to give more details, but are taking your feedback with careful consideration and will continue to support the product and do the right thing for FSX and its community while living up to our future commitments.


One additional comment, this is not the DX10 update, that is later next year as a separate release.


Thanks for your time,



Senior PM, Graphics and Terrain

Aces Studio

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  1. nem75 says:

    Hi Phil,

    thanks for the update. I won’t ask for specifics about what you’re working on for the patch, but I wanted to ask if ACES is aware of the "extreme attitude" bug described e.g. in http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=show_topic&forum=121&topic_id=376378&mesg_id=376378&page= ?

    Take care.

  2. Phil Taylor says:

    We are investigating that one, thanks for the report. You should also send it to FS_Ideas@microsoft.com.

  3. nem75 says:

    Done. Thanks for the heads up.

    (Wasn’t that tellfs@microsoft.com not too long ago?)

  4. nem75 says:

    Tried both email addresses. Both bounced…

  5. Phil Taylor says:

    The full alias is actually tell_fs@microsoft.com, sorry about that.

  6. andyjohnston says:

    Dear Phil

    With all the griping and grumbling that’s been going on, I wanted to drop a quick note to say that while yes, there are some issues with the latest incarnation of Flight Simulator, overall it’s a very good program, and the people involved all deserve a pat on the back.

    I think some people take the program too seriously at times.  When I look at the changes that have taken place in it since I started using Flight Simulator with version 5.1, it’s just incredible.

    Please don’t lose heart over the reactions that some people have demonstrated.  Remember that those who are satisfied are less likely to express their gratitude than those who are dissatisfied are to express their displeasure.

    I, for one, haven’t even touched any other version of the program since having purchased FSX.

    I am looking forward to any improvements or solutions envisioned by the developers, or if none are forthcoming, I’ll continue to use the program as it is.

    I hope the reactions of a few wont affect the future of the program, I hope you and your whole team know that your collective efforts have indeed been much appreciated, and I hope for many new versions of Flight Simulator for years to come!

  7. david53 says:

    Here, here!!

    The more I fly FSX the more I love it.  With a little tweaking my four year old computer is giving fairly good results outside of the cities.  I can’t fly fs9 anymore either.

    The Aces team deserves a big round of applause for this new product.  Despite some of the well known issues (and well known complaining, including my own) the new 3d cockpits are a masterpiece, the water is stunning and the terrain, clouds, autogen and new aircraft and airport scenery put fs9 to shame.  I can’t wait to see what FSX looks like with DX10.

    Thanks for keeping us updated and being in touch with the community.

    BTW, I also encountered the "extreme attitude" problem recently and almost deleted an addon aircraft from FSX thinking that it was an aircraft problem.  Full flaps and gear down in 2-engine prop plane at idle and it wouldn’t descend to runway.  Had to push stick fully forward, nose almost straight down to descend at all.

  8. GSalden says:

    Hi Phil,

    As "helpdesk" for the largest Dutch Flightsim club ( FSGG )  I am getting lots of questions about FSX’ performance.

    By using the known "tweaks" I am usually able to help people get FSX running, even on modest computers.

    I really hope your team will be able to create some perfromance using the future patch for all those thousends and thousends people struggling out there to get FSX running.

    In Lelystad I had a good conversation with Paul ( Lange ) about FSX and I now understand the potential and limitations of the program.

    Myself I have a high end system for my 747 cockpit ( real size ) and am using 2 projectors for the view.

    If you ever need some feedback about scenery just let me know ; the scenery is being displayed that large that I will be able to see the smallest detail.

    Best regards,

    Gerard Salden


  9. stelch says:

    Thanks Phil for keeping in touch with us mortals  lol. Love FSX and flies  well with my PC and I hope that the upcoming patch will make it run even better especially in big cities.


  10. APAK says:

    Gentlemen ,

    When starting FSX , just when loading auto-generate scenery I got the following error:

    Instruction at 0x200392a0 referenced memory at 0x00000004 , memory could not be "read". Click to terminate program .

    So , I cannot start the FSX.

    Any idea ?

    My system is as follows:

    Pentium 4 HT Intel D945/ 3 GHZ/3 GB Ram /ATI X800GTO ( 256 MB )/HD 80 GB/Sound onboard .

    Any comments is appreciated.

    Thanks and regards

  11. redbaron999 says:

    Hi Phil,

    thanks for the update.

    While it is perfectly true that one cannot expect the same performance in FSX with the sliders in the same positions as in FS9, I nevertheless expect a performance to be obtained that resembles that of the old product, using the old hardware, with all sliders way back (for FSX, that is) but with reasonable ‘eye candy’. As you noticed, this is not the case in FSX for many of us.

    With the graphics completely  ‘on the left side’ and with all tweaks I know of applied, I get a flyable performance, 10-16 FPS, but without any eye candy, which renders FSX useless for me for the time being. No problem at the moment, because i`ve got FS9, which runs flawlessly.

    I appreciate the effiorts you  make to counteract that negative feeling, and I´m looking forward to the patch you are announcing.

    After all, FS 9.1 did the trick for nearly everyone of us, so I´m patiently waitng for FS 10.1

    🙂 Andreas Tschöke

  12. Phil Taylor says:

    Unfortunately, this is not a support alias. I welcome all discussions about my posts, but for support questions you are going to have to use the normal channels.

    Sorry I cant be of more help there,


  13. Daviator says:

    You stated that FSX was designed for a future life of 3 years out but then you said FSX was “baked” in 2003-2004, before it became clear that multi-core was the future.

    So in essence we are stuck with a game that is essentially behind the boat on current architecture. If you missed that one how do we know that it will run any better three years from now?

    I am also one of those who (after a hardware upgrade)  can get it to fly “reasonably well” by tweaking FSX. After turning off one new feature after another I was able to get acceptable frame rates. So now it looks just like FS2004. So what’s the point?

    I know hitting target hardware has got to be like herding cats. However, I’ll use my old argument or MS would never release a game for X-Box 360 designed to run on X-Box 720.

    I feel that it is reasonable to expect average performance (15-20FPS) with my average PC (53 percentile according to Microsoft’s Game Advisor site before my video card upgrade) with sliders set to the middle settings. However, I can’t get anything close to that.

    I bought the game to fly and fly now. I am one of those frustrated because I paid for software that I cannot fully enjoy at this time. But even if I went out and bought the latest and greatest multi-core PC I still could not full advantage of the game, partly by your own admission because MS didn’t design for that type of hardware.

  14. Phil Taylor says:


    Given new reports from users with the latest hw, we are seeing FPS improvements based on new hardware. I think its more than a bit of "doom and gloom" to assume that 3 years out there will be no hw that will provide improvements.

    As to how we do moving forward – I understand your concerns. We’ll just have to prove to you that we are taking effective steps when we ship the service release and the DX10 update.


  15. hypolooser says:

    Hi Phil

    I appreciate your update and willingness to listen to the flight sim community.  I think FSX has been a monumental step forward, and I am looking forward to what you guys can do with DX10.

    I do hope you can resolve the issue of developers not being able to use detailed ground polygons due to the round earth model.

    Thank you for all your hard work so far, I am sure enjoying FSX at the moment!!

    Regards, Ted

  16. Learfan says:

    Could you comment on the release of the updated SDKs, will these be released after January also, or hopefully sooner.


  17. stelch says:

    Hi Phil

    What is the relationship of Aces Studios with Microsoft? Are you guys subcontracted to Microsoft or is it a Microsoft company? FSX is a milestone to the flight sim family. Well done Phil.


  18. kimdahl says:

    Hi Phil

    I am one of the many FSX users with a modest computer, and I search the forums quite often hoping to find some new tweak or other things that can improve FSX performance or at least explain why it doesn’t always perform as expected. I just want to make sure that you see this post at avsim:


    Some of the guys over there are looking into the strange texture lookup procedures of FSX, and there might be something there to investigate further for the upcoming patch.

    Best regards

    Kim Dahl

  19. cklink says:


    How about giving us an update on the progress. We’re middle of Jan already, would sure like to know how the patch is coming.



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