Microsoft Da Vinci Code

Recently had this very funny Microsoft take on the Da Vinci code forwarded to me. It is quite long but very funny. No I don’t know anything about 8/2110! Cheers, Paul  


Insufficient System Resources to complete the requested API

If you get this error when you try and hibernate your laptop, chances are you have 2GB of RAM or more and you’ve hit a Windows bug. Try searching for the following hotfix and installing it. WindowsXP-KB909095-x86-ENU.exe


Printing in WPF (XPS)

I wanted to print a visual out to an XPS file on a recent project, and couldn’t find the code to do it. Anyway I eventually found it so I thought I’d post it. You need references to ReachFramework and System.Printing.using System.Windows.Xps.Packaging;using System.Windows.Xps;Package pckg = Package.Open(@”c:\x.xps”, FileMode.Create); XpsDocument xpsDoc = new XpsDocument(pckg);XpsDocumentWriter xpsWriter = XpsDocument.CreateXpsDocumentWriter(xpsDoc);xpsWriter.Write(visual);xpsDoc.Close();pckg.Close();


New CodeProject article

I just finished an article on dragging and dropping files into Windows Explorer that I’ve posted on CodeProject. I’ve been a member of CodeProject for years and I reckon its a great place to get code. I wanted a sample that allowed you to drag and drop files in either direction with programs like Explorer…


BBC iMP at MIX 06

Got involved with building a WPF application to show off the BBC’s Integrated Media Player (iMP). The idea is that if you miss a TV program on the BBC, you can download it to your PC and watch it up to a week afterwards. The project was a real success despite numerous setbacks and Bill…


HMV Music download

I’ve just finished a project to do a music download service (a bit like iTunes) for HMV. HMV are one of the largest music retailers in the UK, with a strong presence in Japan and Canada. It was quite a lot of fun, although very short timescales. We started Jan 2005, and went live Sept…

MediaElement not displaying video

I’ve been working with WPF (Avalon) recently and found some strangeness with the MediaElement control not displaying any video, or displaying a black screen or throwing a COM exception. Turns out you need to update dxva2.dll and evr.dll as they are not properly updated by the WPF install. Best bet is to delete c:\windows\system\dxva2.dll and…


30" Dell Screen

I lashed out on a 30″ Dell screen the other day. It is just great, and absolutely enormous! I still have some slight sparkling green dots on the display when showing some images, but I’m working with ATI to get that resolved. The screen has a res of 2560×1600 and I think it is related…


Hello world!

Hi! I’m Paul Tallett, and I work in Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS) in the UK. I specialise in UI development, and I’m a UI Dev Lead or Principal Consultant. I thought I needed a Blog to host some tips and tricks as I find them. Cheers, Paul