Download XNA Game Studio 3.1 with Avatar Support

XNA Game Studio 3.1 is available now for download. Although v3.1 has a number of cool new features like XBOX Live Party support and video playback. I think for me the most exciting feature is support for Avatars. This will allow you to render 3D models of your Avatars and use them within your own…


Wii Researcher comes to Natal

Johnny Chung Lee who is famous for his Wii-mote hacks has been working on Project Natal. Project Natal on the XBOX 360 is going to be a game changer. Here is an interview with Johnny on Channel 9.  Read Ina Fried’s detailed reporting on this.

The Game of Life, an XNA simulation

The Game of Life is a cellular automation simulation written in XNA. This is a zero player game in which there are a few rules that control how the cells are created, live and die. This was an idea that came from a Flash book that I was reading when the power and Internet were…


Build a setup project for your XNA game

Now you have created your XNA game but how do you package it so the world can download and install it? You will see how to build a windows setup (.msi) for your XNA game. You will use Visual Studio 2005 Pro (or above) to create a setup project that will use the Visual Studio…


How to Run Your Code on the XBOX 360

Today the final version of the XNA Game Studio Express was released. This final version allows you to run your code on the XBOX 360. This is an amazing milestone in the history of console gaming. No other console allows you to run and debug your code directly on a retail console box. Even paying…