VSTO: My Favorite Feature – ClickOnce Deployment

One of my favorite features in the latest version of VSTO is ClickOnce Deployment. ClickOnce deployment makes securely deploying my Office add-in and document level solutions easy. VSTO deployment supports, Local, HTTP, UNC, CD/DVD and USB locations. This gives you the flexibility to deploy your application where it makes sense for you.  Deployment also supports offline,…


VSTO for Mere Mortals Video: Convert ActionPane to CustomTaskPane

Using VSTO 2005 and Office 2003 you can create an Action Pane (see video). This is a document level object, which mens that it is attached and visible only when the document is open. Now in using VSTO 2005 SE and Office 2007 you can create CustomTaskPanes. These are application level in scope so it…

VSTO for Mere Mortals Video: Action Pane

Watch the first video training from our book – VSTO for Mere Mortals. You can watch the video on kathleen’s blog. Kathleen does an excellent job showing you how to use the VSTO Action Pane. Intoduction to Action Pane video training The video explains the details of the Action Pane architecture in a clear and…

Create Document Level VSTO Apps for Office 2007

Everyone can now download the September CTP of Visual Studio Orcas for the first time. Download here: Visual Studio Orcas Sept. CTP This CTP enables Visual Studio Tools for Office developers to build document-level customizations for Word and Excel 2007

Unit Testing for VSTO (part 2 Automated Tests)

In my last post, Unit Testing for VSTO (Part 1 Manual Tests), I showed you how to use VSTS to create manual unit tests. In this post you will learn how to create automated tests. Automated Tests You now have a basic understanding of how the manual unit testing works. But you don’t want to…


New VSTO team member blog

After all of this time Kathleen McGrath who is member of the VSTO team and has been responsible for most of the VSTO team blog posts has finally started her own blog.http://blogs.msdn.com/Kathleen/ . Kathleen has been doing a lot of great work in her spare time creating video tutorials for the team site and Channel…

VSTO beats XBOX 360 to the punch

So, what does VSTO have to do with the XBOX 360? Well VSTO is created by the Trinity team, which is part of DevDiv (the Developer Division). It was interesting to learn that the original codename for the 360 was going to be Trinity. But as the article says it was already taken, by us….


HowTo: Create a SmartTag in VB or C# in less than 10 lines of code

Creating SmartTags for Word and Excel using VSTO 2005 has become incredibly simple. I will show you how to create a SmartTag that interacts with an ActionsPane in less than 10 lines of code, including adding the ActionsPane. One of the hardest things to do in Office development has now become one of the easiest….


Attaching custom properties to your VSTO 2005 SmartTag

VSTO 2005 makes attaching custom properties to a Smart Tag easy. These properties can be used by the Smart Tag action. See my previous post VSTO 2005 makes Smart Tags smarter (and easier) to learn how to create VSTO SmartTags. Let’s image that you are creating a VSTO Word document for a large insurance company….

Create Watermarks using VSTO 2005 (Part 2 C#)

In my blog yesterday I showed How to create a Word Watermark using VSTO 2005. This was relatively easy to do using VB .Net. Today I will show you the same code using VSTO 2005 and C# (for those of you who like abuse). I have tried to make the code exactly the same as…