Top 20 cool new features of VSTA

Now that VSTA has RTM’d (See KD Hallman’s announcement at ) I would like to call out all of the great features of VSTA. You can see some of these features in action today as part of InfoPath 2007. Just install InfoPath 2007, open a form and press Alt-Shift-F12. The VSTA IDE will open…


Video Demo: Using VSTA

I have posted to SoapBox a short 10 minute video that demonstrates some of the features of Visual Studio Tools for Applications (VSTA). VSTA Overview Demo (download only)


VSTA and VBA side by side walkthrough

When we developed VSTA, one of the key scenarios for us was that VSTA should work side by side with VBA. We understand that developers would be unable to cut over cold to VSTA. Just like with COM interop VSTA and VBA side by side allows developers to migrate their VBA solutions over time when…


VBA to Visual Studio Tools for Applications Migration

“How do I migrate my code from VBA to VSTA?”, is a common question that is asked by many people. The short answer is that VBA code and VSTA code can run side-by-side. So if you have an existing VBA program it will continue to work. If you are creating a new program it should…

VSTA: What is an Add-in?

This is an excellent question posed by TQ, one of our architects, on his blog. The definition of an add-in is: An “Add-in” is any component that is dynamically discovered and loaded by its host. It usually is compiled separately from the host and the host and Add-in version independently of each other. The host…