SlideShare comes to PowerPoint

Yesterday SlideShare released a PowerPoint add-in written in VSTO to upload and download presentations from

Here is what the press is saying…

Tech Crunch:

SlideShare’s plugin offers a peek into where cloud-based document editing is probably ultimately headed for most consumers. While most online-only services like Google Docs are free (Office isn’t), the vast majority of computer users have been using the Microsoft suite for years, and aren’t keen on learning a new interface loaded with new quirks. Even with the offline capability afforded by Google Gears, Docs still feels foreign.

ReadWrite Web

That's what makes this release so interesting. SlideShare has taken the opportunity to move beyond browser development - the traditional home of social features - to work on a different piece of desktop software. And in PowerPoint, SlideShare has chosen an app that, by and large, has not been seen as a venue for social behavior, at all.

Business Wire

The SlideShare ribbon marks a new way of thinking about how desktop applications can work with cloud-based services, and how cloud-based services can leverage desktop software better. This hybrid approach provides a unique user experience, enabling the social web to seamlessly integrate into a familiar and broadly adopted software application.

But you can judge for yourself.

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