Multi Channel Clients for Web Services

I recently presented a talk at the Strategic Architect Forum on creating client applications to consume services in the cloud. The presentation is now online.

Download it here:

 Multi channel clients for Web Services


Challenged with generating more eye-balls/impressions for your web properties and/or fostering more active usage of your services? An emerging consumer experience pattern for web services is to complement the browser based user experience with deeply integrated experiences delivered in ubiquitous & familiar consumer channels like mobile phones, PC desktops, and consumer device consoles to address these challenges. Consistent, familiar, and always on experiences to enable seamless & optimized experiences for users to actively consume frequently used services with minimal cross-channel navigations, are the compelling motivating factors for this trend. This session will provide an overview of the broader notion of multi-channel client experiences for Internet Services and drill in to explore related solution architecture patterns for a widely adopted, ubiquitous, and untapped channel – the PC desktop. The scenarios and capabilities discussed will be broadly applicable to consumer experiences for web services of all kinds – Internet scale, Intranet, and Extranet.

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