The Game of Life, an XNA simulation

The Game of Life is a cellular automation simulation written in XNA. This is a zero player game in which there are a few rules that control how the cells are created, live and die. This was an idea that came from a Flash book that I was reading when the power and Internet were out before the holidays. The implementation is adapted from the SpaceWars sample application. I stripped out the bare scene graph stuff from the sample and used it as the starting point for this application. There are some interesting features in this little app like , buttons, mouse hover, handling mouse clicks, dual input (mouse and 360 controller). You can let the game run on its own or step through one evolution at a time. You can also choose some preset setups on the right side that demonstrate, static, repeating and walking patterns.

Here is some background on The Game of Life.

Note: This requires the XBOX 360 controller to run 

Setup : TheGameOfLifeSetup.exe


I have also included the setup project in the sources which demonstrates the techniques that I spoke about in my last post - Build a setup project for your XNA game.

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  1. ibrahimersoy says:


    i wanna know how can i do something like that with Directx 101 , not with xna.

    i have c# knowledge and started learning directx 101.

    is it hard to make a game like that?

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