VSTO 2005 SE Update: First the Designtime and now the Runtime

The VSTO team has released an update for the VSTO 2005 SE runtime. This fixes some Outlook issues and adds support for Visual Studio 2008. I posted last month that team released an update for the designtime and now they have released the second part; the Runtime update. 


VSTO/OBA Fireside chat from Tech·Ed

Watch Steve Fox and myself discuss Office Business Applications (OBA) and how VSTO and my book VSTO for Mere Mortals helps you create OBAs. We filmed it this summer at Tech·Ed 2007 Orlando in the fish bowl. Virtual Tech·Ed has a bunch of great videos. You get to hear directly from the people who are…


Office tip: Word Format Painter gets sticky

The Format Painter feature in Office is one on my favorite features. If you are not familiar with this feature it allows you to apply formatting to text based on the format of some other text in your document. I use this feature a lot while writing specs. The spec template that we use is…


Breath easy with OBAs

There is still time for your company to enter the O2 OBA Challenge contest. Build an Office Business application that uses Microsoft Office system and Oracle. The grand prize is $40,000 donation and $25,000 in tech support. Here is what you need to get started. http://www.o2obachallenge.com/howToCompete.aspx 


VSTO 2005 SE update adds support for Office 2003 on Vista

The VSTO team has released an update for VSTO 2005 SE to officially support running and debugging Office 2003 Pro solutions on Windows Vista. KB 937652 FIX: Add-ins that are created by using Visual Studio 2005 Tools for the Microsoft Office System Second Edition do not run in Office 2003 Professional on a Windows Vista-based…


VSTO Beta Hands-on Labs are Live on MSDN

If you are new to VSTO the hands-on labs (HOL) are a great way to kick the tires and try out the new features. These are labs that were featured at TechEd 2007 this year in Orlando so if you were waiting to go to PDC and missed it here they are for you to…


Access 2007 Developer Extensions are now available (and free)

Yeah!! So I have been asked about this dozens of times over the last year. “Where are the developer extensions for Access 2007?” This has been difficult to find in the past for Access 97 and 2000, because they were always part of something else like the Microsoft Office 2000 Developer Edition sku. Then with…


OBA Central brings it all together

OBA Central is a OBA community site that brings together partner information around Office Business Applications (OBA). The site allows you to find OBA partners and solutions and also share your own solutions with others in the community.


Extending VBA with VSTO 3.0

Although VBA has been very successful as a customization tool for Office, there are new tools such as VSTO which can take your applications to the next level. But you want to be able to leverage the existing investment that you already have in VBA. Now VSTO 3.0 makes this super easy. Just by setting…


Sync Outlook Appointments with Groove using VSTO

Both Outlook and Groove contain calendars so which one do you use? Each one has its own strengths but it would be cool to be able to sync your appointments. I have created a small sample using VSTO and the Groove SDK that will allow you to import and export appointments from Outlook to Groove….