MDX: XBOX 360 Controller Windows Forms Application

Now that the XBOX 360 controller works on windows I thought it would be fun to hook it up to a windows forms application using Visual C# Express and Managed DirectX (MDX). So here is the scenario; you’re at your desk entering the latest budget numbers into your enterprise accounting system and think, boy it would be nice if I could use the XBOX 360 controller to do this. Ok, so maybe that is not the target scenario for this application.


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Paul Stubbs
Program Manager

Comments (8)

  1. Here’s a very cool sample that uses Managed DirectX to support input from the new XBox 360 controller…

  2. patchx says:

    do you think the inf. files for the windows driver for the 360 controller could be placed on an original xbox to be able to use the 360 controller on it?

  3. Guest says:

    Probably, if they’re compatible with windows 2000 I would assume you could.

  4. patchx says:

    first let me thank you for the response. second, hmmm… if i remember correctly, the xbox operating system is an early version of vista (longhorn) and the 360 operating system is a modified version of 2000. so if the original .inf file were taken off the 360 you could use the controller with windows 2000? perhaps but perhaps not. right now the controller only works on the 360 and windows xp machines. the original xbox (with an usb adapter) will power up the leds on the controller but nothing more, what i want to do is use this 360 controller on my xbox. anyone else have any input?

  5. Nknave says:

    The only thing possible right now, would be via softmods and using nkpatcher, of course we still don’t have the source drivers for the 360 controller for XP, but if it’s found, we can port  it and add it to the build of a nkpatcher based softmod, and only when softmodded you can use it, of course, this has been thought of, but untill someone experienced enough and knows what I mean, this is impossible…….as for now.

  6. Mozze says:

    So has anyone figured out how to get the 360 controler working for windows 2000?

  7. E Petersen says:

    I couldn’t find the v2 of the Microsoft.DirectX.dll after loading both the November and March SDK’s. Doing some digging I was able to convert the code to use the XNA framework and wire it to my robot appendages (through an SSC-32) pretty easily. I would be happy to share the code back Paul.

  8. Colin Cutler says:

    I am having difficulty finding XInput on my machine.  I found the managed DX folder, and it includes DirectInput and Directx, but no XInput.  I have installed the newest version several times, but I cannot find this file.  Please help.

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