Build a setup project for your XNA game

Now you have created your XNA game but how do you package it so the world can download and install it? You will see how to build a windows setup (.msi) for your XNA game. You will use Visual Studio 2005 Pro (or above) to create a setup project that will use the Visual Studio…


How to Run Your Code on the XBOX 360

Today the final version of the XNA Game Studio Express was released. This final version allows you to run your code on the XBOX 360. This is an amazing milestone in the history of console gaming. No other console allows you to run and debug your code directly on a retail console box. Even paying…


Top 20 cool new features of VSTA

Now that VSTA has RTM’d (See KD Hallman’s announcement at ) I would like to call out all of the great features of VSTA. You can see some of these features in action today as part of InfoPath 2007. Just install InfoPath 2007, open a form and press Alt-Shift-F12. The VSTA IDE will open…


5 Reasons to Love VSTO 2005 Second Edition

  There are many things to like about VSTO 2005 Second Edition. But there are 5 things to love about it. You can create managed add-ins that work for both Office 2003 and Office 2007. I can create a single add-in for both Office platforms or I can create targeted add-ins that takes advantage of…


Create Document Level VSTO Apps for Office 2007

Everyone can now download the September CTP of Visual Studio Orcas for the first time. Download here: Visual Studio Orcas Sept. CTP This CTP enables Visual Studio Tools for Office developers to build document-level customizations for Word and Excel 2007

Building VSTO Applications Down Under

The popularity of VSTO is spreading around the globe. I recently participated in an AudioCast (Podcast) with Andrew Coates and Nick Randolph from the Australia and New Zealand developer community. We discussed a whole range of Office development topics around VSTO. Listen here: Microsoft Developer Show #07 – Building Applications that Integrate with Office

Video Demo: Using VSTA

I have posted to SoapBox a short 10 minute video that demonstrates some of the features of Visual Studio Tools for Applications (VSTA). VSTA Overview Demo (download only)


Unit Testing for VSTO (part 2 Automated Tests)

In my last post, Unit Testing for VSTO (Part 1 Manual Tests), I showed you how to use VSTS to create manual unit tests. In this post you will learn how to create automated tests. Automated Tests You now have a basic understanding of how the manual unit testing works. But you don’t want to…


Unit Testing for VSTO (part 1 Manual Tests)

Introduction One question that I hear from developers creating advanced VSTO solution is how to create unit tests using Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Software Testers (VSTS).  VSTS doesn’t contain a test template for VSTO projects. The Add New Test dialog box includes specialized tests for web projects, manual tests and load tests but…


Free version of VSTO for Office 2007 released today

  Today we announced the Beta release of Visual Studio Tools for Office 2005 Second Edition (VSTO SE). This version of VSTO is a free download that you add to Visual Studio 2005 Pro or VSTO 2005. VSTO SE enabled Office 2007 add-in development and it also enables Office 2003 add-in development for the big…