Office DevCon Day 2: Ask the Experts

The first day of the conference was great! There has been so much information about Office development. It is refreshing to see Office seriously getting behind the Office developers to help them be successful.

On day two I spent my lunch with some other members of the VSTO 2005 product team in an "Ask the Experts" session. The Ask the Experts lunch gives attendees the chance to directly ask the product team the hard questions about anything that is on their mind. Not only does the customer get the questions answered but I gain valuable insight into the issues that are bothering developers. I am always able to immediately use this information to affect the design of my features. It gives me the opportunity to evaluate the assumptions that I made with the design. So if you get a chance to talk with someone from a product team be sure to give them direct feedback on the things you like and don't like about the product. I want my features to be the best they can be so I take all the feedback people give me very seriously.


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