MVP Friends

Last week as you all know was the MVP summit here in Redmond. We had a meet and greet on Monday here at the Building 41 cafe. As you already know that Building 41 is the Visual Studio Building. So the MVPs were bused in from the conference center. Dinner and drinks were served and all the VS product teams talked to people about what ever was on there mind. The VSTO team was there and had many great conversations about VSTO V2 which is shipping with Whidbey.

The next night was the big MVP party in Building 33, the conference center. I meet many old friends there and also meet many new ones. It was interesting to talk with MVPs from around the world. I met the CodeWise guys from France, I met developers from Russia, Spain, and South America. I learned some new things and I hope that I educated a few people about VSTO.

It was good to see my old friend from New England , Jim Wilson. Jim is a 

Developmentor instructor and owns JW Hedgehog. You can read his blog here. Jim is currently focused on the deep understanding of the Compact Frameworks. Although I am trying to pull him into creating Office solutions with VSTO. I think I got him hooked.

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