The Grass is not always greener…

Munich is struggling with their Linux migration from Windows. The article talks about the difficulties that they are having. I understand that moving all of your systems and users to a new platform is difficult. It is always a lot of work and planning to migrate users on the same platform let alone on a new platform. There are many hidden costs like training and application compatibility. So moving to Linux may not be the big cost savings that people envision. Munich is a good example.

Microsoft's Get the Facts site.

Comments (3)

  1. CC says:

    Cheap shot. Nice link to the propaganda site 🙂

  2. Paul Wilson says:

    Its always nice to revisit the story after the hype has faded away.

  3. rx says:

    yer brainwashed and yer a moron.. its not hype, its reality.. office dev with .net!? oh my god, do some real programming.

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