Longhorn Links

I have been heads down into the PDC Longhorn bits. I am very excited by everything so far. I think XAML is going to be the best thing for user interface design to come along in a while. I like the ability to run the XAML files right in the browser, this is way cool….

PDC Live from Redmond

So this morning I watched the PDC live from my desk in Redmond. This was great to be able to see all of the presentations without leaving my office (except for a bathroom break). It seems like 3 hrs is a long presentation. They had so much information to put out I guess. It all…


Office System 2003 Launched

Today is the launch of the next version of Office. I am very exited about this version as a developer. My favorite feature is one that the user may not even know is there, XML. This version of Office takes the first step in pulling together all of the Office applications under XML. This has…


Spec Writing 101

One of the primary jobs of a Program Manager is to create functional specifications. A functional spec describes “What” a feature is going to do. A functional spec should not describe the “How”, which is described in a developer spec or and architectural spec. So at Microsoft the products are large and complex with many…


Visual Studio Tools for Office System 2003 RTM

Visual Studio Tools for Office RTM’d today! This is the first product launched by the Trinity team of Visual Studio.


 It is the job of a Program Manager to define features of a product. There are many aspects to this one being user interface. The user interface is what the user sees, it’s what the user works with and it is how your feature is judged by many. Good UI design is a difficult thing….


First Week at Microsoft

I made it through my first week at Microsoft, still no rain. The first week as gone by so quickly, App Building was a huge success. We learned a lot of good information from using the product to build apps. This is very valuable because we are at a stage were feedback is important and…


First Day at Microsoft

Today is my first day at Microsoft. I am a Program Manager on the Visual Studio Team. Before coming to Microsoft I worked as a .Net developer and Architect at UnumProvident Corporation . UnumProvident is a life and disability Insurance company based in Chattanooga Tennessee and Portland Maine. I worked in the Portland office.  So…